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Them. No of the labels ten city on the cautious side of things They don't like to take unnecessary risks. And you know our label certainly felt that way you know. You're out there. Touring during festivals. If you're not doing those things you're not supporting the new album adequately so just wanted to wait So obviously we weren't delighted but then we could kind of understand where they're coming from. Yeah we just have to accept it essentially. Did you make any of cr of changes to the album during that time. Is there anything that you had on there. The baby wanted to tweak or oversee album. finish two years ago and that was it. That really was mean. It's funny how often this question is cropped up. Actually i mean it's a valid points. We would have had all the time in the world to change your thing taught something up. What whatever it might have been but we had spent so long record was just this implicit understanding between the three of us that It was done absolutely done. Yeah you know each assembly let go. You can move forward then. Yeah definitely. that's did you guys like do anything during the but the lockdown a few bands of managed to do livestream things like that. But did you guys manage tae gani writing down or anything like that or even concentrate on your material. We did absolutely nothing as a band. We haven't played note together in her. Sarim we've seen each other on a couple of occasions. Okay now loosened up of it. That's been good in. I think some old faces again gets still creativity. I mean i can't speak for anybody else by myself. But i did not find the bulk of lockdown inspiring. Okay i didn't find it depressing. Either i mean it was just kind of to me. It was a time for reflection because You really couldn't achieve anything. Will strive for anything especially during that really intense. Ten weeks of proper lockdown. Yes yes so. I was just quite happy to live. Live very basic life without point. Wow fair enough. Yes i mean. I mean from the south. It was kind of like you know work could stop if the my job if you will but yeah i've got kids and stuff as well so was just like making sure they were safe and they that initial ten weeks i got nothing done less reassuring to hear. Thank you is okay. Now you suddenly. It was like she never. We never been anything like that before. And it's like you know. What are we supposed to obviously keep.

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