AJ, Commissioner, Kevin Owens discussed on The Masked Man Show - The Big Exits (Ep. 78)


Um but yeah no i mean i do the big thing from smack down was not that and that that's fine but the big thing from smacked and was kevin owens enchaine mcmahon i'm sure everybody listen this worship in case you didn't kevin owens and chain sort of the you know been going at it in various forms for the past month or so uh chain you know was the referee at the last payperview and and uh and in his match with aj in sort of interfered of a rough can really interfere fears and also that commissioner of the show or whatever but anyway he's a kevin owens has a bone to pick was shane justifiably a home and he cuttigrave promo unchained this week which resulted in the debates sleep baiting chain into attacking at worked and then uh and then kevin owen said he's going to sue the company for everything it's worth an and um guingona brian was forced to indefinitely suspend chain and said that vincent man is going to come next week to i guess to to to deal with kevin owens this is this is really exciting to me i i mean i i interrupt me i mean if you have something to chime in i just i just like this was the first time i didn't even know is waiting for it but this was the first time since he debuted that i really felt like they figured out how to do ring of honor kevin owens kevin steen on wbz television he's just he's not the biggest bad as in the world but he's just like a smart talker and he can and in his.

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