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Add. Don't oh ibo wbz thrash old in that series old in the same seeing crawford loading usually studying though that was like i didn't want to go to be a fucking Regulus shit everybody got one of those mother fuckers man. Then they're gonna that real trap yo he'd been listening. These cat wouldn't go. Don't be seeing. how would it be better for them. Even a focus on their own. But i lead you hold down one day with little so cool so komo percentage maybe comported you know. What do you mean bay down guys. But that's shitty strat bro. Fuck with a focus challenging who they know. You wanna talk about rank. Tell me the rank is there would want the rank and What do you want. Wbo rankings at least a fucking bomb. They got over there. What the fuck they get your name for the world to see Wbal you got high number. One who already said. No john beck. Who just beat. Rob brandt who. I'm going to want an opportunity. The brazilian Falco number gonna fucking the on family. Megan nobody know that cat telling you what it is by the you ask the named joe tell even hardcore hardcore fucking doing the first name i recognized from the i don't even know some of these naked man don't even know they even to know them any fucking way booing going nowhere you know wanted to talk about. What's so bafokeng out. Hayman how to bow to focus to. Hey sometimes it was no way to do for the job. I try to bait. Yeah try to pay the fucking not. That will never happen. You're going to bake and having enough eddie and number. I would numbers. Everybody needs to pull. I'm already then him a whole fucking conversation At is just showing that. I've been trying to get ring. I q on so. Hopefully he's available. As i can see share the who flock and conversation all right. Oh rah all right. Steve would a counterpunch in chicago. What uh can you hear me do. Hey you know sometimes People get caught up in this youtube and misinformation in need to listen to the fighters when they talk so canal interview and this was before he fought billy interview with the guy you interview. Brian custer right and he asked them would you buy charl yes you of. Yes you bite spence. Yes i do know. So he's fan. They got a range from the equation. He'd never gonna fight him. Just like spent ain't gonna fight therm these guys get on here until you about thermo with the he. It's never going to happen whether we like it or not. That's hearing it from the horse's mouth. So i don't know what these guys are drinking or what they're thinking going gonna happen you know. Y- other fights have opportunities to be made. The fighter himself said. Yes he would do it. And this is before the billy joel by so is before that that post Fight conference and all those before. He's sworn off the wall that he's been seen even bite on dry. So people need to start listening to like what the fighters actually thing and not what people on youtube or spreading. you know. that's all. I got well. I'm just waiting for ring. I q here let me see. Don't see him yet. Well in the meantime if you are on blog talk and you feel like having gone to you. It's because you have not pressed bring archaeologist you on the phone champ. Looks like you can't get it on skype right. What's going on here. You but yeah i mean for me as far as canelo going to the. Pbc utah denardo potter but nonetheless. Eighty multi fight deal. He's cannella broke. Plays canelo i look. He does what he wants. But we want he just due to fight deal with year to me and billy with matching. What's the difference. The difference i think the biggest difference i think is that eddie is doing shit on consoles terms. Not the other way around like eddie when he did that shit He did a a press conference and was like canellas my boss. I do what he tells me. You said i mean that's a different situation than entering into a platform deal with fox which is essentially what they was talking about. You're talking about three four fights or whatever the fuck it is that means fox might have first refusal of who your opponents so that means certain shit about the money. It means a lot of different things when you walk into an engagement like that whereas what he had with eddie. That was just a promotional deal. He wasn't committed to disown. that's why he's talking to fox right now because he wasn't committed to don't like they can't tell him who to fight to fight. He was committed for two. That's why he's talking to fox now. Matchroom get to match match soon. Promotional company not his own clearance from disown to approve year them. Just like you said any network has to do fine may want final approval. That's always been for. Hbo that's how it is match room. And i'm sure it's going to be like that like what you think. They say. i'm gonna fight year to again and they're going to approve. Another gotta gotta go. Even joe macron accord after table for as opponents selection..

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