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The first thing I noticed before even analyzed and a note is that it was very long like two and a half pages long ransom notes are very short. You know we have give daughter. Is that much. Money will not be in contact for this. No as I mentioned went on for two and a half pages contain information. You generally don't sign in a ransom note. It's such as make sure you bring an adequate size attache to the banks town the Ramseys to be rested at stop just as appear in legitimate ransom notes and and then we also have to remember. The note was written on their stationery with their pen in their house. Now most kidnappers right. Durant's note ahead of time and then they bring yeah no wisdom that this person entered their residents while they were out to dinner at night. Sounds and paper. wrote this ransom note and wave them to return no- he looks for a pen and paper in the middle of the night they figures not a problem. These are colleges associated. People have pen and paper. He finds it he starts art charade. A ransom note doesn't like the beginning of it because he knows one day. It'll be a communication of great interest starts again and that's when he races note we represent a small foreign faction. Another strange detail was the amount of money the supposed kidnappers of Jon Benet were demanding for her return. Paula Woodward explains in the ransom. Note the two and a half patriots and note there was a specific demand for money. One hundred hundred eighteen thousand dollars which was just very strange. Very mysterious added to the mystery of this crime. Why would someone asks for one hundred and eighteen eight thousand dollars and initially? The police leaked that John Ramsey had received a bonus that year in data amount which which wasn't true it was close to that amount but not that amount John Ramsey was a millionaire. And here's this ransom. Note asking for the return of Estado for one hundred eighteen thousand dollars. It didn't make sense. It's still doesn't make sense now. Everything a person says has a meaning and there's a reason why they use one hundred eighteen thousand dollars dollars. I mean first of all. It's a very low amount to me. I believe the Ramseys at that time were worth maybe six million dollars so one hundred eighteen thousand dollars very the low amount. We expect him to say a million maybe half also why one hundred eighteen thousand I mean why not just a hundred thousand one hundred sixty thousand. Yes just very very odd odd number frenzy. Pathologist Cyril Wecht outlines the case against the intruder theory this intruder knows how to get it into the house there in Boulder without causing any disturbance. He knows where the little girls bedrooms is. He's able to awaken her. Take her from Maroon without causing any disturbance her nine year old brother. Burke Ramsey is just right next door not awakening him at all. Now get this picture picture. The police palm side detectors at the house looking for the body of this little girl never knew there was a door never knew there was a room but under the intruder theory. We are to believe that shooter having accomplished everything knowing about this back a set of stairs knowing about the back room. He knew all this he took the little girl there and then having had his perverted sexual pleasure with the little girl he decides. He's going to kill her and then he's going to write a ransom of forgot to bring a pen and paper. Didn't even bring the rope the rope as from material right there in the house he forgot Jon. Benet Ramsey's body you. You just wrote a ransom note demanding money. You went to war of his trouble. You had the behavioral strengthen in control to accomplish all of this and the dead of the night so. You're not flustered or hurried. You're doing all of this stuff and now you've written the not manning this money and then you leave you. Don't take the body. Take the body. Put Him in the back of your car. So it's been a sore throat in Ford and awards thrown in a river toward the lake. Do do whatever you want to. Suddenly John and Patsy Ramsey after losing their daughter in the most horrific of circumstances found themselves prime suspect back in her murder John Ramsey patsy Ramsey Burke Ramsey and Jon Benet Ramsey.

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