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So excited i'm so excited to speak with senator kevin meyer he's running for lieutenant governor in the republican primary which is going to be august twenty first and he joins us now senator mayer it's great to talk to you amy it's could be back on your show thank you for having me i'm so excited to talk to you because you know i know the election is coming up on us and you really wanted the opportunity i wanted the opportunity just to talk to you and get you in front of our audience so people could really get to know you yep i you know i think that in anchorage and certainly in in in my district my senate district i'm pretty well known but outside of my district you know people still call me fred fred meyer as long as they remember the meyer part guess they're trying to get you to help on a campaign which i did and then pretty soon they want you to run for the community president which i did then pretty soon they want you to run for the assembly which which i did that was back in ninety three we actually had a conservative assembly back they're aiming at i would have i would have given anything to be part of it i gotta tell you it's painful these days we had craig campbell bob bell sterile clemson and of course tom think was mayor so this is great i mean he could he could actually make a veto and and you know we had the votes to to maintain it so so yeah so i i worked arrived on the assembly for eight years and and then in two thousand rand for the the house and won the house seat and of course was finance chair most of the time in the house and then from there it went to the senate when senator my senator senator cowdery retired and i've served in every leadership position in the senate majority leader of a finance chair senate president and and now the the rules german people i know a lot of people that live in south anchorage and people genuinely like you and they have gotten to know you and i i really believe that you have kind of become an institution in in south anchorage and and this is why i keep saying people need to they need to listen to your story and get to know you where you stand on the issues because i think i think you have a lot a lot of experience to offer and i it's it's just exciting to be able to see people that i respect step up and run for higher office so with that the one question i always ask all candidates is we have a lot of different kinds of republicans in our parties so i generally just ask you what kind of republican do you see yourself as conservative republican you know i think you've witnessed sat in in the senate where we stood firm on on any no taxes and even though that the the governor in that house democrats you know we're pushing for certainly pushing hard on an income tax and governor walker actually wanted to pass just about any taxi could and and certainly you know i have a history of voting record of being prolife and and being socially conservative as well so yeah i i think i i fall in the conservative camp but again it's all kind of a a degree of or one's perspective i may not be as conservative as some but the more conservative than than others and certainly you know again having a master's degree in in business and having worked in the oil industry all my life i also have a pretty strong business perspective now i have to ask you a question i'm going off script here you have to tell us a fun facts that people don't generally know about you well i i don't know my wife says i'm kinda boring you know your wife have to put that on the record thank you and i'm fortunate that that she married me but you know again having having for the last twenty six years held elected office and you worked in the private sector and raised two kids i i can't think of anything.

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