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You a hello to all my dixies and ditties out there in cyberspace. It is called well and it is also the end of of our episode which means it's time to shout out our Benevolent Council of Kong's we have Brad d dylan be Danny Steel Breaker and Spencer. cask Brew Guardians of Donkey. Kong's banana hoard. They keep trying to tell donkey that the bananas go bad. After like a week and that it doesn't make sense to hoard them but every time they complain decay shoves them in a barrel and tosses them in the river beard. Man Dan. Adam are Danielle the dastardly dame and Alu- Aldo card a team of Ezra scientists who traveled to Congo Bongo island to try and figure out the difference between Czars and colds after months on study their final conclusion was it doesn't matter how or froth-pak Malta for Jordan. Dj Jeffrey S and cutter w the a fuzzy inhabitants of the nearby Angel Island their island floats in the air. Thanks to the power of the chaos emerald but unfortunately there protector knuckles. The kitten Edna has gone missing. Oh looks like the boobs have no choice but to solve this problem to sorry. Bahia Schubarth Mushroom Elena. See mixologist Michael. Mick D Andrew and bow nores boy. The five nanny fly who survived the long night and then manage to repopulate the entire species. He's the jar they did it in is currently on display in the Congo Bongo Museum of Natural History and also sex Justin I Jacob See Elena M Mick pucks and Joss strich bow nor Kong's new drinking buddies every Friday night they get absolutely hammered on banana dockery's then.

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