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Activity. I think that's pretty common with with any anti any drug classified as an anti seizure. Medication opioids benzodiazepines First generation history means any drug. That has sedative. Type properties were potentially going to add on to that effect now primitive on pheno barbital The act and the active metabolite phenobarbital. These can induce cyp enzyme. So there are eight. Hun- of drug interactions most notably is probably the cyp three four induction A a band rivirasa ban Era pip resolve Prednisone zone qu tie opinion and low to pene l. praise lamb all those drugs can have their concentrations reduced. Okay so you see perimeter and started a patient definitely. I would strongly encourage you to look the drug interactions and run a drug interaction screen because there are a lot of them and particularly Through cyp three or four an induction there also is some cyp twenty two Induction properties as well so a drug like lanza pene concentrations could be reduced again. Really got pay attention there and make sure we're we're checking for drug interactions. If a patient's going to need a criminal and then lastly kind of alluded to it before Vitamin d concentrations can be lowered with primitive on so that that might be a situation where we might wanna check that occasionally periodically and or consider supplementation To make sure patients have adequate amounts. They're if primus printed own is necessary in in needed long-term all right so i think that's a wrap up the podcast for today. Thank you so much for listening Leave us rating review on. I tunes if you enjoyed this If you found a few helpful Clinical practice pearls sheriff's with friends. Colleagues students Whoever could benefit from a pharmacology. lesson definitely don't hesitate to share it with them With that said you can track me down. at linked in air christianson farm db cps bc gp Also met education one zero one at Those are probably the to as to to get a hold of me And if you've got comments questions suggestions definitely don't hesitate to to leave me a note there. I do try to get through All of all of my emails it gets harder over time sometimes to to keep up but I do Try to respond to to everybody. That does send an email so Again thank you all for listening Helping me grow this up podcast. Bigger than i ever thought it was would be So i i definitely really really appreciative of all of you listening in and taking the time so thank you so much signing offer today Have a great rest of your day..

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