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And as you might guess, the crown jewel of his whole business enterprise is the patriots and given the New England. Patriots have won five Super Bowls under Robert Kraft ownership. You would think that Robert Kraft thus has five beautiful flashy, big expensive, Super Bowl rings to show for it, but you would be wrong. He only has four of his original Super Bowl rings more on that in a moment. But let's just sum up this quick highlight reel of Robert Kraft and his life by saying that Robert Kraft has money, lots of money and lots of connections, and a fair amount of political sway and power, given his wealth and resources. This is important to remember as we move forward. In June of two thousand five after winning his third Super Bowl as the patriots owner. Kraft went on a business trip to Russia, and I've heard him referred to this trip as a business mission as well. But Kraft was there with another billionaire business. Magnate a man named sandy Weill whose former CEO and chairman of CitiGroup. So needless to say, these two were fairly well connected, and at one point there, Russian connections tin ary lead them to a high profile gathering at the Constantine palace outside of Saint Petersburg. And who else was in this room at this high profile gathered? Well, none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin. So all these bigwigs were in this room together. And of course this being so soon after the patriots won Super Bowl, thirty nine against the eagles. Everyone was interested in taking a look at the object on Robert Kraft's weighted down hand. And what was the big draw that was on this hand crafts brand new sparkling encrusted with a hundred and twenty four diamonds. One of a kind as it had his name on it, Super Bowl ring. After showing the ring off too many of the onlookers crafts friend, sandy Weill made what proved to be a very unfortunate suggestion while encouraged craft to show the ring to Putin..

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