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Sherman Oaks reporting 53 degrees. It's 53 down a 52 and Braila. And 52 degrees in the city of Irvine. Waleed local from KFC is 24 hour news room. I'm Bill Seward. Listen if I am supporting Conway show Well, you want to watch the big game right this Sunday featuring Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Maybe you'd have a television set or you'll be driving around. Kickoff is at 3:30 P.m.. Could be on a m 5 70, Ellie Sports The Dire fast try Zip Recruiter. Yeah, we're finding great candidates is easy. You go. All right. We have 10 Freeway is still closed. All right, Angel still all shut down. Advise. Yes. The vibes have gone. Bam! Hmm. All right. We'll figure out what that thing that sucker opens. You'll be the first one to know. You'll know he right K F. I write. All right. Cock fighting. No, boy. L Oh, yeah. That Zach still goes on 70 roosters were seized. We'll talk about that. But first we're my favorite chefs of all time is whether chef Jen, how are you? Hey, there you are. Hey, what's happening? What do you say? What? Do you know how you been? Good, actually, insanely busy, but good. Wow, that's great, Even busy, because I know the pandemic sort of knocked yet on your heels for a while. Yeah, it's crazy. It's been almost a year since the last time we talked, and it feels like a completely different world like a full 1 80. I got two regular clients I see once a week and I am booked solid. That's great. That's sensational. I was trying to think the last time we had you on with it. Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think it was Christmas. I think we talked about cookies. Yes, that's right. I remember that and your awesome video on how to make gravy. And by the way now when I make pot roast and I don't make it off, and maybe, like, once every other month or so, um, the lessons you taught me About browning the meat and and also the choice of meat and has to be a chuck Rose. That's the one where it has taken fall apart with it with the fork. If you cook it really nice. Then putting a cup of water or cup of, you know, be beef broth. First of all, you got to brown the meat on the and the more you like, burn it and send it on the outside, the better the flavor and you really helped me make a great roast. I don't know if you say the word birth or singe, but a good golden brown crust would be amazing. And anyway, I loved it. What do you have cooking for for Super Bowl Sunday? Actually, I'm I'm in the process right now, Putting together my grocery list for Super Bowl Sunday. I have a full deck out menu, everything from smores nachos and Rollo salted caramel brownies. Too fiery hot Buffalo wings pulled pork sliders with Cole slaw. I think I've got a I've got about. I don't know £3 of sour cream on my grocery list. Just a small amount. We're doing loaded potato.

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