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Killebrew come in and play a safety role and have terrell edmonds in the slot or if that slot receiver. Isn't you know a top athlete isn't super shefty. Miles killebrew could cover in the slot and you keep terrell edmonds back safety. I wanted to cover that. Because the steelers slide position is one that i have. I have touted as a weakness and it is a weakness. They really have right now. Championed sutton and no one behind you. Right and cameron sudden isn't a well rounded nickel vaki. He doesn't fit the position the way the steelers liked to use it. The steelers are looking to see if they can find someone who will fit that position better but we saw last season that the steelers could solve that without putting a defensive back out there they can do a linebacker they can move terrell edmonds up and just overload the the box another option if the steelers like traynor would but not in the nickel minkah. Fitzpatrick can play that role. Or you could go in nickel move. Terrell edmonds up and have minkah fitzpatrick and trae. Traynor one as your safeties so traynor with light. James pierre could be the guy who in nickel that doesn't mean. He has to play defense in the slot. he has to defend the slot because the steelers have options. Mink of patrick. Did it in college. He hasn't done as much in the nfl. And it does expose go before this point before. Traynor what we didn't have any good deep zone safeties on the team the last two seasons. When you had sean davis who was that guy when he was healthy but he has never gotten back to form since his injury in two thousand nine thousand nine. He's he's never been back to that guy. Traynor would may be the best deep zone guy. Team has had backing up in the safety room and with norwood miles killebrew looking looking like players. Who can come out on defense and not be ally ability. The steelers have some options. If they're willing to be a little more creative at the nickel so if the steelers don't add somebody. It's not absolute panic time. I still think they should try to add somebody because their traditional nickelback. They don't have one on this. So that is that is our show for today digging deep into the nickel position and how the steelers defend that in different ways. Thank.

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