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Specials on Dell Docks, monitors and servers succeed anywhere with Windows 10 Pro. So call. 877 asked to speak with a Dell Technologies advisor. Nine first warning Weather forecast today. Sunny just like yesterday, right around 86 for the eye Tonight Income the storms get down to 66 tomorrow. Scattered thunderstorms could be kind of windy. Well, Jennifer here about a half hour to let us know Just what to expect. But tomorrow, right around 80 for your high and it is 68 degrees right now. 700 wlw sports A what happened? Mikey. One question. Yes, it's not. A big storm of Jim Cantore is in the studio and the weather Channel. Correct. Correct. Your storm doesn't rate correct if he's there. You know they were watching. Just watching in a few minutes ago, you think? Well, he's going to be in the middle of Houston. It can't be that big a deal? No, I won't was working in Chicago. Studios right there at street level, and we had a blizzard. Yes, and he and somebody else in the weather Channel. Forget who Were there covering it, and they never went inside. It's not like they did their on air stuff and jumped in a Winnebago stood in it all day. Just getting snowed on. Snowdon snowed on. He's the man. And somebody said around the corner. Al Rocker kept jumping back in his RV. Get out. Of course, I can't get out that I was going to stay warm. Stood in it all day. What's going on? Reds Update. Reds Open A three game series up against the Pirates tonight in Pittsburgh, Wade Miley up against left hander Dylan Peters. Coverage. 5 35 Sports Talking Yarnell. Global Logistics Inside Pitch Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Joe After the game Wild card action last night, ST Louis Blanc's The Mets seven Nothing. San Francisco beat San Diego 91 so the Reds are a half game ahead. Still the Pirates and cardinals, and they're like the top five teams in that wild card are now within 3.5 games of each other. Yeah, Yeah. Here we go. Uh, Angels first round pick, Uh, star pitcher Sam Bach went out of Miami RedHawks. As has been promoted to double a rocket city trash pandas for the week for the last week of the season. Congratulations Frontier League playoffs tonight. The Florida goals Open the best of five series that Schomburg Monday night Football Raiders over the Ravens in overtime. 33 27 college football. Southern Cal fired their head coach, Clay Helton, after two games. Into 1/7 season yesterday. Of course, former U C A. D Mike Bone is there at USC now and they're all saying Luke Fickell might be a replacement. He loves it here too much. Luke Fickell show tonight.

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