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This goes back a long time for you. As you mentioned you grew up in colorado your dad hunter and fisherman. So were you the dugout to say. I want to be vegetarian as a kid. My brothers became vegetarians. To my father fish. We always went fishing. Who's indoctrination didn't didn't say dad was awesome. By the way and he loved the outdoors he'd been asthmatic kid on the east coast got sent out to the west to go to boarding school because he would literally die in the east and he discovered the out of doors and he loved it he loved fishing. He went hunting every year. It was in. I grew up in western colorado. That was a big part of the culture. I loved going fishing with my dad. Because you know meant sitting in a boat outside all day he threw all the fischbach. You know eventually And he had three kids who didn't want to eat meat or fish. Snap funny not one of us would ever eat a fish ever and none of us would eat a deer We all re issued. I don't think any of us ever eight steak like those saying. I don't know something in our dna. The you know we made to eat meat but like the only thing would do you know the most burned kind of unrecognizable. I remember the only term what was ever kind of punished. I sat at a table for many many hours. I have a very very clear memory of sitting at a table. Because i would not eat a bite venison So i don't know why we all my brothers to this day there's still -tarian they've never eat mean ever since where here's black Dna fragment or something happened along. The way. i've i've met other people like that For no kind of obvious reason from early on or like. I'm not eating that and you know at the time it was really one hundred percent. The animal component was. I'm not going to eat an animal. And then of course later it became about the environment and then very sadly my mother died of a heart attack. Fifty seven suddenly and my mother had been a family where heart disease was very prevalent. My brothers and i all have genetically extremely high cholesterol. So know. The health component generally came in at that point. You know. I think there is something about growing up in proximity to animals though. So many vegan activist grew up on farms. And perhaps something about your dad going out and hunting and being around those large animals or you know in a different way from the way you experience when you go to the grocery store or the restaurant when you see bandies mom you know goes two ways either you become the hunter and the fishermen and there is a beautiful appreciation for nature and a deeper connection to the food that you're eating so i wanna make sure i say that but also that sensitivity to the fact that it is essential being that didn't exactly sign up for being eaten. Yeah and interestingly. I would agree with you about the hunting. I mean a lot of people over my lifetime. I've heard say things. Like i would never hunt and i'm like but you would buy in a package at the grocery store and to me. If i'm if i'm going to have an opinion i be like i would respect someone who hunts it more than someone who would never go about. They're doing they're doing the terrible dirty work themselves. Not expecting someone else to do it. And then we'll say that in my father's later he died of pulmonary fibrosis. Twenty years ago. He he did not feel good about the hunting he. He kind of regretted it so he came to different place with it in his older age around. No he died at seventy four so he didn't he didn't love it. Didn't love looking back at it so he came somewhere with interesting. Yeah he's stuck around a little bit longer. May maybe he would have gone in your direction interesting and also for his health you know. Here's something kind of interesting you know. I was a vegetarian for many years. Well if since i was a teenager but in when i became a vegan you know it was all the reasons i learned about animal agriculture. The dairy in the eggs and it just became unavoidable. Like you know you can only deny you know. Oh it's cage free eggs. Oh it's this and then you go out all of that kind of nonsense right so i did. It massively changed I had really been developing arthritis in my hands that one way then my family. Who was all vegetarian. Patrick veneers and billy. They came to separately later and each of them had him major health. Change from it. Each each different. My husband had had a lifelong problem choking on food And it was quite serious. He had to have several medical procedures and it was like a daily occurrence oded vaginas and when he gave up dairy it went away. It's cruising basically overnight. You're turned out his condition called e-e-e-e-no listened phillix esophagitis and at the time they didn't know it was but subsequently they have discovered it. It's it's an allergy in your safa guess primarily today dairy eggs fish while yeah. Isn't that crazy. That's so crazy. All his medical any. I went to the doctor and he was like he told the doctor. Like i cured it and doctor of course didn't believe him and then you know eventually within the next year to they signed up that's why zip coming back for more. Don't you worry but first let me get a word in about my favorite shades.

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