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Definitely not, um, before, like, so kind of the first half the semester. We couldn't leave until after Labor Day weekend, so I was able to go home. That weekend. But other than that, really only been home to three times because covert lockdown so Good to get out for Christmas. So very nice to recharge the batteries. Definitely. What's the tells about the journey for you? Because, like it was challenging, and you had a couple of tough days during basic training and that type of thing and talk about that. And you know how you preserve persevered and you got to where you are right now. I'd say the boys the boys were the biggest thing that got me through. Um, their days. Obviously our difficulty in basic, but you'd be walking across a tease. Oh, and you'd be passing other squads and you see Seen a horn and he just give me the biggest smile, and it's like that's not what I'm looking forward to seeing that in the locker room every day once we get through this so I'm being able to talkto all those guys and having Thomas task is to my squadron as well, Um, that was super helpful to have a guy that I was going to be playing with for the next four years. Um, pretty much living with me. Um, I think that's what pretty much got me through it and like I think was Nate referred to the fact you guys go through basic training together. As a group. And you all get a little closer to something like that. Yeah, tell us about your goal. Um so Oh, boy, Um Some guys had a good line rush into the zone. And then they got good pressure behind the net. Um, I think it was 11 threw it out to the slot to be a and, um BA had some pressure on him in the pocket up squirting out to me as I was covering for That was the point. I saw it, and I was like, I gotta put this on that. So I just tried to lay into one. And unfortunately, when you don't see many slap shots anymore, like you, do you see one teas and stuff, but you just don't see Very often. Somebody just parked right in front of you. And you just wind up in hammering like you don't see that. That's old time. Hockey. Yeah, that was an old time hockey goal. And you did You have heard that flipping thing Because you got a lot on that. I didn't even know you could take slap shots with those sex anymore. Yeah, yeah, like that is that is that kind of a special shot for you? Yeah, I didn't score slapshot. And throughout my three years of Junior Seau, I forgot what it felt like with you. It's a question. I'm gonna ask these guys because they're the sticks are so foreign to what I grew up with. We grew up with would sticks And they were Steph. Like what? To tell you like I've tried to take slap shots. With with some of Marshall Whippy you go, you go. It goes right through the park. You know what I mean? They go right through it like with the sticks were stiff. It was like, you know, like a baseball bat, hitting a baseball that the batting for a bend in you know, and with those with those sticks, is there Is there a special technique If you're going to slap shot the pockets, that is it. This is our special technique or do you just ordered a muscle letter? Does that have to do with them on a flex You have in your stick is that it's a fair question. I think it's kind of come off all of them. Uh, At least for me When I take a slap shot, I move my bottom hand down, So there's not as much like I guess it just gives you more leverage, Mom. After the After the game yesterday, I asked Nate he feel a little different vibe with the team now. Yes, definitely. I think even though we don't get the outcome that we wanted, it was a really good step. Step forward. Obviously. Sunday wasn't very pretty, but I thought I thought we were a whole different team on Monday. We're throwing a lot of body, which is how we need to play disrupt teams because they're not gonna like it. Once they get 60 minutes, just body contact the entire game. So I think if we can play against out like that against sacred heart tomorrow we have Ah, good shot at winning the game. All right, We're gonna cut you loose. You guys have to get back to the hotel. But great job. That's Jake Marty Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Along with Nate Horn and Bryan Adams of three freshmen who scored their first career goals in D one hockey and at the Air Force Academy against Niagara Yesterday. And on Sunday. Thanks for doing this guys good job. Great having you guys. Thanks for coming out. We will take a break and Frank and I'll come back on the air Force Hockey coaches show here on the Air Force Sports Network from left Field I MG college presented by Yusa. New Year's resolutions come and go, So your business needs more than that Get solutions with Comcast business with fast Internet.

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