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All the time and your minutes expectations changing all the time to step up into that role and be as good as she's been. Keep an eye on Shakira Austin because that's another talent coming out of this draft that might be in this league for a long time. Those are your kind of your surprise. We kind of talked about this already, but I was going to ask, of the four in one teams, Washington Vegas, Atlanta. Are any endanger of missing the playoffs still, or do you think these are all going to find a way into the postseason? I think so. And I do think that Atlanta could be could be in trouble. And I will say I still do think that Washington could be in trouble as well. I do think that either one of them, I would say that Atlanta has the highest chance to miss the playoffs, simply because they're starting off hot. Things are looking good, but they haven't played a ton of great teams. They've lost to the good teams. And they've got, they've got a lot of, they've got a lot of tough games coming up here pretty soon. But Washington might be just one or two injuries away. Like you said, they've been on this random injury generator. And. You see one or one of those become season long that could really throw a kink in the hose of the plans that Washington has right now. I do think that I would be very surprised if Las Vegas doesn't make the playoffs. I think they are looking like a top dog. I think Washington looks like a tough dog. But I think that the depth of Washington might be a little bit more suspect than what we see with some of the other some of the other teams across the league. Logan, I'm curious, what do you think? Do you think that any of these teams are likely to miss the playoffs or who would you say is the most likely to drop out of players? I think you have to say Washington is actually the most likely to drop out because of what you said. If suddenly Della Don blows a disk or something, I mean, I don't like to predict things based on injuries, but they just seem defined by that right now. And I think Atlanta's got some things going on. I think all three of these teams are going to make the postseason. But if I'm a Washington fan, I'm still kind of clenching every game, hoping that we can collect wins without losing any of our key players. Agreed. Agreed. That does it for that side of the discussion with one more segment left. We're going to talk about the games that we're excited for coming up. This weekend, with a little side note that you mentioned already, Chicago at Seattle, that game is final Seattle edge Chicago by three. As you macro gore with the game high 21 points. It actually had a really bad game. I was catching clips. So I didn't watch it start to finish. But catching clips of it did not play well. Did not play well at all. And she's usually a really strong player, obviously. But yeah, magma gore kind of leading things out. It's crazy that Seattle just beat Chicago as good as Chicago has looked at times this season already that Seattle beat them with only two players in double digit scoring. That's wild. Like everybody else is like 5.6 .6 .3 points 2.5 .7. Yeah, stewie and magma gore locking down double digits going, but nobody else on the squad. Everybody, just this seemed like death by a thousand cuts for Chicago coming against the Seattle storm team. Yeah, that was I didn't get to watch the end of that game, but that was an interesting game, both teams just couldn't.

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