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It we are going to do it again but also have some more current analysis in an that'll be what time is going to be will or or pm eastern so you can figure out your clock lemaire let's go ahead and take upon hollowing eyes go to low in la online to earlier lola a r e care away that arab monies that is the monies that has frozen can replace the monies that we're giving to them and or use to reduce our debt the into their way legally that it is to be done well that's a good question but i don't think it can be used as a direct offline said often fan i see on our monitor your go ahead then answer the question yes it cannot be directly j but he can have a trickledown effect because much of this money can be reprogrammed of you don't have to spend it in pakistan it has already been allocated for these security purposes you can spend it elsewhere in place of other money that you would have spent the trickledown effect their j is in the next counter year you don't have to appropriate as much for that account because you add extra to spend elsewhere so it's not clean it's not direct but the caller is exactly right we are deficit spending every single year one of the easiest places to cut is to quit sending money to our enemies don't under terrorist our allies and you will save money in the budget as a result but you can't do a direct offset right then correct another year down you got to know what you can do what you can't do but the fact is that were when the momentum is moving this direction i'm gonna grab another call a before the break i also want to take a comment loans if they do the calls go leeson california but that stoyanov there lisa uh gentlemen yes i m my question was basically like the last caller we have trillions of dollars of debt and yet we are sending i of multiple family members to have been in iraq iran uh not around excuse me afghanistan uh these places that have all this terror activity going on and yet we are spending billions of dollars over there i am thrilled that the president as saying no what more can we do to keep our money out of.

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