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What sound like you're you're now a capital, our regular killer. It's unbelievable. Super cool and an honor. How'd you find out? Well, I got the call. I think it was like mid July for my manager in agent, and they said part of the main cast. Now it's just seems keeps feeling like a dream. It's really awesome. There's no guaranteed and there's a lot of people who come to the show and don't make. I mean, it's not. Evitable. So really felt great. Yeah, just inspires me more to work hard and and keep doing my best in keeping mean is really all it is. So we're basically a weak way from the new season over the summer. Are you the type of creature that like has goals for the new season or thinks about the new season a lot, or do you try and shut it off and kind of regenerate? I think it was a little mix like a shutoff in the sense of I went back to my projects that I work on. I mean, I've been doing stand up for ten years, so it was on the road doing stand up. I filmed a short film, my friends that wrote it and directed it in July and worked on my music because I'm a really emotional gal and I like am really sensitive and I write pop folk songs. So I'm working on a full length music album with that. If feels really good for me, I have to have a lot of creative outlets. I draw kind of like shel Silverstein drawings, but like adult for. Adults really motion. I have to place my feelings in every little spot, but comedy has been my favorite thing for so long. But yeah, spread my wings. Lots this summer was a really creative summer and yeah, I'm watching movies shows and learning impressions and just observing really listening listening is a big part of the day, just.

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