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One. And talk to Hanke Mandeville. What say you hang? How you doing? It ain't doing great doing great. Yeah. Pins and needles watching that game like everybody else. But I I sit back I'm starting to think about group had headed greatest game of his career. I mean, probably the greatest game of his career, and we have to win a coin flip to win the game. I mean, it's a fifty fifty chance would have lost the coin we would've lost the game. So yeah. But then kinda minimize the the, you know, what I thought was brilliant play calling and using tastes um hill in a much different way in really shaking things up and marching down to feel eating up a ton of the clock and scored a touchdown. It was phenomenal. It was great by the offense. But if we got to rely on somebody missing field goals and a quarterback greatest teams his career. I mean, we're we're we going for me. Consider the consider the following as well, though. Matt Ryan this was this was a clash of the titans. Right. So Ryan Ryan goes twenty-six at thirty five three hundred seventy four yards and five touchdowns. I mean, this was really a clash of the titans. It's too great quarterbacks both hall of fame. But I mean, I'm sitting here guard. What else can we do to win this game? Get drew Brees clean. The greatest game is Korean still sneaking it out and another thing I'm talk to you about the French quarter. I have people that come from out of town. And I brought them Anthony French a couple of weeks ago approaching we walked around went to the flea market. And I was telling myself making excuses for the city, I live in the city. I'm making excuses fine. Like watch it stinks so much while units called but from last night. Finds it. On streets. You know? It's like I go to Saint Louis and everything's like you go to the origin. It's all manicure. Al Qaeda's nicely done. And I mean, I find myself making excuses. I live in a city. It's embarrassing. Yeah. I mean, you know, we wanted to succeed. And I just everybody wants the priorities to get in order. And that's the only reason I bring up the situation with the city seal, and the fact that the mayor announced this thing, and I'm being called a racist and a bigot and everything else under the sun. I don't know why we always have to go to the race card here. All the time. I just think you know, we we should have other priorities, and we're making he's announcements on on the eve of an innocent bystander being shot right on canal street in the light of day. I mean. It's not the gym with the city. It's the state, right? I think statements situation to and where does it go? Does it get muddled in confusion, and they lose the money or don't go away? It needs to go. Not sure not sure it's mismanagement. It's just ineptitude of. People don't want to do. What's right? I mean, I don't know. Well, based on a number of tax, Nicole is I think the answer would be all of the above. Thanks so much for calling in hack. Appreciate it. Let's go on to talk to Bill and gentilly. What say you Bill? Yup. Agreement with the change. She still can you take us off the speakerphone. Oh, gee. Media here. I'm in agreement with the change of okay. You can't equate so anymore. Multiple incidents problems. Problems. But just the changing of the fitsville. Well, it wasn't equating it. I was saying the priorities. Go ahead priority. A man of the CEO someone could call someone and say, you know, we can redecorate this thing a little bit and they'll go to their office. And isn't that the man who ever in charge is spending actual time themselves doing someone goes off to their place and make some changes and come back with several representations in this video? I like this one, and that's it. No big thing. But it is a big I'm pretty sure years ago. The native Americans in Louisiana spending most of their day and the TV's watching TV. Buying around on the internet. So they outside farming hunting for food and so forth. And so on. They want darker than most people off today. So that that's all it is. So you know, you believe have you seen the new seal as opposed to the old? No, haven't okay. Department years ago, and I printed up a bunch of those. I'm not never really looked at it opposition to damn thing. And that was it kept on going. Yeah. Me, and my reaction was I don't really care. But obviously, the mayor did and and puts this out and was very proud of the change of the and it's not just the color of the individuals. It's the the coloring of the whole seal. And I mean, my immediate reaction was why are we worrying about the seal? She could call someone in and say read redesign this a bit. Of mine who likes decoration and ornamentation I like playing, you know, everyday solid. A woman's Varietes, shall we say? So you believe this is a female driven thing. Well, that's as good as explanation is any. I just I just don't see the the the priority here, not, you know, and as I said actions speak louder than words, and when you're doing these kind of things and putting this out. I just don't see anybody feeling better about the city because the background color is darker blue. And the gold is just a change that. That's it. I'll be glad when I see one. But I mean, it's just for the emblematic change that I would like to see as less potholes in better sidewalks and. Sees that he'll take other quarterbacks..

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