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Anyway but I had on hold because then I started writing books and Nino. Nobody KNOWS HOW DILEMMA. Kossi so I I had to give up the writing for Loudini Umberto. I have great memories and I mentioned it all the time because they it you know it was my friend who suggested and she knows how that's how I started my writing career. Yeah so do you WanNa tell us a little bit about your books of cores so around. Twenty twelve wide around there. I you know while I was writing my column. I always knew that I wanted to write a book and it was really more about culture. You know W- blending all the cultures and finding the balance and how important. It was for the adult to learn how to find the balance before they could help their kids. Because oftentimes you know the parents come first and then the kids stay behind and then the kids come and join us here and just you know it gets to be complicated. So it's it's a process that That happens and and we should all try to learn how to find that balance so we can help our kids find it and so right around that time there was all. The studies were being released about the bilingual brain and Hauer all or with their bilingual brain. And all of a sudden we were all talking about bilingualism ultras established. Landau the day Sosa Studios Costanza Leeann ills fees. Josie Lesbian is said to be leeway multi-linguistic at those Leeway when you got home no confidence. They this daughters e e GonNa see La Hindi Day is Cinema Simon and Schuster a e Monday enrollment they Lebron. Okay K Museum won't believe it or They sell Lebeau Mason Mature Stop. It'll when does this assist to use Costanza Leonardo already or the Kit Symons School? Libro guested Mikko lamented Allen. Your mom why are. Why should we raise a bilingual child? the include the resources talk to other parents. That have gone through it. And you know let's talk about the benefits that bondage beneficial's has yes. Seafloor Komo salaryman broker snap racing bilingual. Children Komo's Nina's linguists eidos. No Public Funding Blessing. Hispaniola a Komo Electronical E. S. T. Doses midday Quinta monopoly them into Perkins Assessment Besides Dallas Confidence as they do a language. They confidence has a new mass e. A medic went to love area Salim Lama no in Calcium portfolio our ESI Waltham Paddock at dispossessing. Koa NEWS IN FIESTA. Focus against the underway. While I had to join US ELECTRICAL SPERO A I'm used comunidad younger et Cetera handed us. You'll Latino is liberal. Elemental imposes a fake CD. Public Wounded Liberal them for needy Kenia fatal a second home Komo News semi seconds own notebook Amasi. Es Stay e Mean Ho. Ho He immigration. Mummy put knows local media in total. Muno COMME GONNA say out of an Lucas Apple Pie. I seek it. I see Brooklyn Nobody if Iraq commode analogy no about how they can live together. A E K for the most committed comedians Hispanics Latinos but at the main comedians Americanise Ian Doses Illiberal Cylinder Liberal Cinema Arrows Combo e apple pie racing ranging by cultural children Es Dining Louisiana Spaniel Ambien Dole of format of payroll essays we rotate the minister. Physical does is on the confidence you ask on the royal officials liberals was dr a nose spider's portraying a liberal minded e. Environmental Goes Lebron. Is it sound recorder? So's A offers tools in an immune does but I love spot is gets donkey. Unknown Nina's Indo material must eat also my school. Dora's in Dollas Commerce Eunice get work on Familias Guilani known assesment toll sewn Latina's in key Saint Louis But employ familia million. Do Gay is sangre and does Nina's Cornell Premier Idiom Espanol Years Inglis yields as soon as you know. Legal Pedal says no gay. Just run a sweep in. People just met the head on meet up Nina's in butter the moon no case a gay by that. I'm learning lists with Eunice. Slot Dulles went under Beta scorn and in my Muratti gallium. Just another casino. The are Licey low. I'm not bitter knowing what get back to the moon in her cement by this. Yoka when I'm willing to on life story at angels assist gay a eat. Mbna an illegal Torah adult including Ian Mandate delessio must include a stone alley days less. Estonia's they personally that this couple in a president doug ordered Lewiston Horrid Ramaphosa Denim. I started English. We study I. E and actor. Tony planner enjoy. Just thought goes beyond the holiness. I step by eazy e Komo kemalist for Kokomo and Kanada balancing almost their whole Saturn as Diane Komo's tonkery under oath Gazza's Nino's domincan combines capacity. Mario senior mass. This lady is gay. Not IMPORTA NIMMO's Komo Nemo's it does spicer. Most board is a hostess at Proceso. A political said a does allow persona que. Que Mapping fellow style Tele. Television does posthumous IMPORTA. Que qualify to background. It doesn't matter our background. Nora socioeconomic background. We all have to adjust to being in a different place and you know adopt the culture that we're in but will monotonous Kobe that allow kkk Albatross for the movie. Would who is? Yeah they're in. It's just there's just something so beautiful about having that multi-culturalism and having all of the languages and the different things that we can learn from each other you don't have to be Indian to learn you don't have to be lengthy no to learn you. Don't have to be of the Asian descent to want to learn we. We openly do it with foods right. He's always up to trying new foods but for some reason there's some intimidation when we talk about other cultures and other languages and I don't know what it is specially with with the talks in society these days but it should be welcomed it should all be welcomed and we should be open to it exactly and you know when I was growing up in Puerto Rico is is is part of the United States so You know I was lucky enough that I went to a school where I had to speak English It was a Catholic school and the they were nuns at the time that were coming from the United States so by the time I graduated from high school I was already bilingual. E mass. Lavelle those movie and listen being in doses. May We allow anybody. See Ya up in the Yoma e as to where it won't be dull Donna Tone Anita's Aurora meal eleven quarterly sync with your mass. Yes tobacco allergies. Yoko Ono's biondo. So this yep it always get is towards building these no solo stubborn. Yondo loss it. You must biddle. Ask defendant the school to rest Ian Cigdem fussing. Also he immediately went other. Gay Is is more commentator in Sony Katina's gets picked us a los otros Kate dilemmas lasco. Says it just makes you a more well rounded person a better person. I honestly feel that. My children are the young adults that they are today because they were raised with different cultures. Angels Leban- Anadolu another defendant day. Just mentone wounded while the Lynnwood new and that translates to everything in life and so I think it enriches their lives robot. Kick in La Vida. They they Los Ninos. Horn is a holiness. Komo's to one zero oppression Rascal Torres. Yes no see your Yoga Lamis Mall Me Mama Damian North Korea You know we didn't have a an any other culture within our family. It was just Mexican and Latino But but she always racist that way get a hint is week. The don't get persona weather supplement that I'll ever. You can learn something new from any and every person and every experience and no matter where you go. Don't be shut down to learning and to asking questions and I believe the same. I think that I am who I am because she raised me that way. And it's made me just so fascinated by by everything on this earth and wanting to learn from anyone and everyone and hoping to teach others.

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