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One to pitch a curve in the dirt is shot had had three hundred forty six at bats. And also walk fifty. Two times he's playing pretty steadily Dan a day out Due to the count to loose dacas And the pitch little tapper of the first base, line up to get it as BUSTER the throw to I just in time Suarez lead. BUSTER handle that one because he's BUSTER Who stock is not a real fast guy And BUSTER handle it You gotta buy what a stat And the throat Coulda handcuffed Slater Slater had to stretch out to. His right though. He added cleanly so to down. Here, is internet parents eight. To three giants Peres drives went. Into deep left centerfield going. Back is Doug you're. Still going back. He looks up it is gone That is a home run, to that part of. The ballpark it's four hundred four. Feet from home plate right. Or the left via. Wall in the. Centerfield wall me Eight tall run of the year for Peres And now it is eight to four giants Peres you had fourteen homers last year had, thirteen the year before as a role player And a very handy one at that Only his eighth home run this year So here's Pena and a changeup called a strike in the outside Second round of the game allowed By Suarez. Brought hit one of the first that's thirteen home runs allowed this year in a hundred innings by Suarez or one pitched as a pop up. Foul, off the first base side well, back into the lower deck onto and. Let's pause here for station identification this is the, Camby are. Northern California Honda dealers radio network Every. Giants game on your desktop or laptop on KABC, dot com Six eight San Francisco Cumulus station There's a foul into the batter's box came up and he, hit, Pena on the leg Onto the coun- PINA has struck out looking and granted into an inning-ending double play Four hundred twenty three feet the estimated distance on that home run The pitch fastball is very high For the first time the giants. Will get the bullpen going down Sam Dyson has run down to the pen Swayne Dr base hit left field toward the hustling over to, his right to cut it off Gorky Hernandez. And he holds PINA to a single Two down and nobody on Peres with the long home, run now Pena follows with a single And here comes Shia Arsia who's been. Resurrected as a, hitter in this series it seems After he went over five here, Thursday night his average for the. Year was only one ninety two he takes Lohan inside. Ball one this is after he hit two seventy seven last year his first full. Year in the, big leagues And. He's looked a lot more like that guy Starting with this series the pitched. On grounded Fowley hit down. Off his left foot he cried out in pain he's on the ground sitting down having a hard time getting up Using the. The bat almost like a cane now is up and limping around Brewers head trainer is. Dan right trainer comes out to see if they can Be of some help to arsia Right the ankle He's got a partial shin guard over the, lower? Left shin And right at the bottom of that is The ankle exposed and he hit it right there off the the ankle Arsia there's only twenty three although he'll turn twenty four next week Is from Venezuela He's walking around trying to shake it. Off Craig counsel the manager also came out the brewers. Bullpen is working you got the pitcher do up next The right hander Corbin burns is warming up in the. Milwaukee pen arsia will stay in there Travis Shaw we were just talking about him Travis Shaw has come out into, the on-deck circle here's a stretch now and the one one page Lohan. Inside dugout by BUSTER Posey that was a hard slider or cutter. Right toward his back foot And, that may well have been the guy hits, one down off his ankle Throw another one in there that if he hits it he might do the same thing again Two and one count here's the pitch and it's a high. Fouled off the right field line twisting all the way back, off the facing of the second dagger Way down in the corner June two Giants, eight. Brewers four we're only in the, sixth inning Suarez at the bow delivers. And a foul back out of play was a fastball that was a nineteenth pitch thrown in this, ending by Andy Suarez trying to get through the inning at least like the ended right. Here with, a. Powerful Travis Shaw out on Dag PINA away from first Slater now playing it I on the bag with him Here's Suarez sat Heathrow's grab all back to Suara these got it throws, you not inning over that wall hits sharply and, maybe headed. For center field but Suarez with Extremely quick reflexes their shot the glove to his right and, spirited well done Brewers get. The one we go to the. Last of the six Suarez scheduled Toledo off then mccutchen impose you to follow, Jennings will stand the game for the brewers left-hander heads back,.

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