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We are the sports leader now the batting order we will begin with a batting in and leadoff spot T. N. B. R. six eighty bruising bleeding lead on the dog eat off of leadoff spot meeting with your host Adam Copeland on KNBR six eight sports leader so this game before there's a high drive deep left center field way back there it is gone and the Padres have a to nothing lead Margot G. Levin home run this year Osbourne dries went deep into right center field especially back into his right still going looks up it's off the top of the wall coming around third is Naylor he'll score hi Dr Phil lap Dickerson back at the wall hedges it's one out all the time hi Dr there right so the water is here a line drive down the right field line that's a very good first please yeah the shortstop areas he's got it and he throws it out at first and that brings it to one in the back when one level surgery went the other way kneel down and now we'll do it twenty seven twenty four is the follow the Niners finished three in one in the pre season and they get ready for Tampa well the the struggles of.

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