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Latest episode? Yes. But I will never date again. But but with the latest episode, they the they go back to his first wife, and she's talking about his friend, and he goes well. Yeah. Like in the fraternity he used to jump on cars and act like he was hit and go give me three hundred dollars like these real like the things that that's what you start at. But then how far will you go that you have no conscience of like how gross that is? And oh, isn't that kind of funny that he would jump on one dollars? So it's like, I think with that guy was going to say with like, I think then when you find the person that, you know, like a Lisa that's like, not only, you know, takes in all these adopted dogs. But sensually you mothers all these people that work for her actually is it a mother of an adopted child as well, as you know door which both our children. But I'm saying like she can feel for someone that you know. And I think that's what he played on. When I think, listen, I'm the first to say, if you need to add a little pizzazz to a story to make it, you know, but I mean, right. Don't we all like, you know, like, I don't mind admitting something I shouldn't. But I kinda love it. Yeah. Judge hands. There's nothing wrong with a little jazz fans when you're telling a story about like something that like literally broke me. I mean, and I remember thinking whole my gosh. And like, and then finding out the whole thing was just completely false like. Wow. Okay. That's that really affected me. I remember being really affected by that. And yes, so then she gets on the show and not on the show. And and then throughout the years, you we've seen you appear. Now, one of the questions that is that you've had such a drastic fabulous weight loss. I have lost weight. How did that come about you pig? You know, I was an actually there's actually someone had asked me the other day. What my underwater moment was like when did I decide like oh my gosh. It's time. So I was in the hospital in Colorado..

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