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Not a big deal especially given that Michael Thomas is going to be catching a ton of passes and Kenyan drake is a great pass Catcher as well but it certainly limits the upside. Said Win Aj Brown was picked I thought that was too early NPR. So yeah, I don't look at it on like you I don't look at it. As if catches category but I do think. I do think Jake Brown was too early. All right. Let's go to the eighth pick carry on swiftly into the Golladay Leo which team I ended up picking Leo Technical difficulties unfortunately. the Marge Jackson at quarterback, Joe Mixing and Chris Carson running back. Juju Smith Schuster. and Dj Chart Wide Receiver. Hayden hearst at tight end and the flex will be eventually David Montgomery. But in week one, let's say it is probably curiosity on Johnson and filling shepherd. Yeah it's going to start shepherd against. Carry on this team this team ended up being really good. Looking draft Jackson first round teams I've ever seen. Now but imagine. You know it's funny. Is like if I had dispe I may have taken. Joe Mixing around one that I could have taken like Lamar Jackson around to I wouldn't have but. A lot of people would take them are taking their. In round one and round on. This team turned out good Jackson Nixon Carson. Char Carson around four seems like he took everyone. Everyone who just happened to fall. Carson in the fourth round is later than normal and later than normal I don't remember where you took David Montgomery him earlier but I think around on fell to. One, two, three, four, five, six, Montgomery was six I guess. Okay. All right. Next team with the ninth pick. Joshes football. Team. By team name in the podcast league fantasy football team, which was very funny. Aaron Rodgers Nick Saban Torri Cohen. Davante Adams Calvin Ridley Darren Waller and Keenan Allen at flex. This is the team I. Don't like that much because I'm not high on going and I'm not hockey on. On the bench, the Murray Philip Lindsey Nikiel Harry Blake Darwin, and CD lamb. Soup it's a good bench. Okay, team okay. Don't like Rogers either. Roger. Heath. You there. Yeah. Rogers is interesting. What Ben Rogers. He was efficient last year, and that's all that he had to be. But he had one spike game of forty five plus points and that was it. He wasn't the Aaron Rodgers that put up twenty five plus points a game and six point four touchdown league and I don't think he's progressing anymore. They didn't do anything to add to that offense in the passing game devante Adams will be great but I don't think he's a top twelve quarterback. Okay let's go to the next team there Josh artime. Matthew Stafford quarterback Josh Jacobs, and Levy on bell at running back Julio Jones Robert Woods at wide receiver. Marquess Brown flex. At tight end. So Stafford Jacobs and Bell Julio and Woods Garcia Tight End Marquees Brown. At at flex their a second down on the roster. No Chris. Thompson Marvin Jones where he moster most. It's a pretty good flair pretty good option on the bench name hines dairy asleep. Like Slayton and most on the bench are awesome. But you know starting Marquees Brown. where he got lady on I wasn't a fan of and Sickie Stafford without any backup quarterback tight end. It's a little scary. Sorry guys. If you want to take over a second I'm dealing with some draft room stuff I will take over right now and plug the things that we have to poke today. Draft Kit. and. There's ranking sleepers breakouts bus. My favorite thing is each analyst has their five strategies for how to draft. So you've been listening to the podcast you know the guys they like, but the.

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