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This is revealed. I'm L, let's. But a freezing January morning twenty fourteen a navy. See dragged helicopter was on a trade mission over the Atlantic. When a fire broke out in the cabin seconds later slammed into the ocean. We are continuing. Our breaking news coverage now involving the navy chopper crash just to bring you up to speed five sailors were on board one die. Another is still missing and the three still at the hospital recovering. One of the injured sailors died at the hospital in the body of another was recovered days later, bringing the death toll to three Stephanie this particular helicopter is a sign that the H M fourteen squadron based out of naval station Norfolk. It's just under one hundred feet long twenty eight feet tall it wait. I'm just scrolling through Facebook. I see a bunch of mutual friends talking about this helicopter crash insane. Saying rest in peace Brian Collins, and I didn't believe it at first Jason palladino with a high school with Brian Collins, one of the sailors killed in the crash, I read the news stories that were linking to and then I just quickly, you know, fire off Facebook messages to our close, friends and said is this for real. And they said, yeah. So at that point. I started getting in touch with people and finding out what really happened Jason and Brian grew up in the mountains of northern California trucking just down the highway from Lake Tahoe. After graduation. Jason went off to study journalism at the university.

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