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Coming up. We questioned the head of the F A A. Why did the agency let passengers board? Seven thirty seven max eights when other countries had suspended their Fleiss. I've Stevenson and I'm David Greene. If the Saudi Crown prince is committed to women's rights, why would women activists be detained and tortured as human rights groups allege also the Trump administration ban, some transgender people from the military. Inputs restrictions on others will talk to one army captain about her future. And the opening argument from another presidential candidate today. Democrat Kamala Harris it Thursday March fourteenth musician and producer Quincy Jones has eighty six today. Here's the news. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dwayne Brown. NPR has learned a key. Prosecutors leaving the office of special counsel Robert Muller as NPR's Carrie Johnson tells us it's a strong signal that the special counsels Russia probe is done. Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann helped build the case against the president's former campaign chairman now two sources tell NPR Weisman's leaving the special counsel team soon to teach and work on public service projects at New York University Weizmann was one of the most prominent lawyers in the probe. He's been attacked by conservative. Talk radio hosts and called killer by Trump advisor, Steve Bannon Weisman's move follows the departure of the lead FBI agent working for Robert Muller and another sign. The office is wrapping up its work. Carrie Johnson NPR news, Washington. Former Texas congressman Beto or Rourke is joining a large field of Democrats hoping to win the White House in twenty twenty. He's racist political profile with social media. Videos that have attracted tens of millions of viewers. But it wasn't until he challenged Republican Senator Ted Cruz last year and lost by only three percentage points that he garnered national attention or rock joins more than a dozen other Democrats vying for the White House after the US State Department slammed China's human rights record. Beijing is hitting back with a report of its own about human rights in the US. Here's NPR's rob Schmitz less than a day after the US State Department slammed China in its annual human rights report. Beijing released its own report and the US highlighting America's high rate of gun deaths, racial discrimination and alleged lack of media freedom. The US State Department focused part of its global human rights report on China's and chairman of its own Muslim minorities in the region of Xinjiang the department's head of human rights and democracy bureau said the situation hadn't been seen Cincinnati thirties referring to Hitler's persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, speaking in Beijing Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Liu Cong are the US report was filled with ideologue. Logical prejudice and groundless accusations. And that China had lodged a complaint with Washington about it. Rob Schmitz, NPR news, Shanghai, Boeing's newest version of its best-selling airliner was supposed to boost the company's fortune. But instead it's turned into its biggest headache more than forty countries, including the US or grounding, the seven thirty seven max fleet after second fatal crash in less than five months. The FAA's decision hits home for North Texas where both American and Southwest Airlines are based here's Anthony cave with member station. K E R A, the company still has full confidence in the safety of the 737 max, but supports the FAA's decision. There are three hundred seventy one points across the entire 737 max fleet worldwide in a statement Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, extended his deepest sympathies for loved ones. The FAA says what made the difference was the link between the jets movements to those of the lion. Air crash in October that killed one hundred eighty nine people. This is NPR from news. I'm Brian watt. San Francisco based IRS agent is pleading not guilty for allegedly leaking. The confidential financial information of Michael Cohen, President Trump's former personal attorney he acuity is Tara Siler reports. John fry is charged with four counts, including the unauthorized disclosure of what are known as suspicious activity reports. These are filed by financial institutions to the government flagging potential criminal activity. According to the complaint fry admitted sharing the documents with Michael Nadi who was the attorney for adult film. Actress stormy Daniels media outlets used the information to show how Daniel was paid off during the twenty sixteen election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. According to the complaint, one report also detailed suspicious credits to one of Cohen's accounts from a company tied to a Russian oligarch who donated to President Trump's inaugural fund. If convicted fry could face up to Twenty years in prison. I'm Tara Siler cake. Cutie news of Leho man has been convicted of first degree murder for his role in the fatal shooting of Taurean Hughes, a young man, Oakland, councilwoman, Lynette Gibson, mcelhinney considered a grandson a jury found twenty two year olds Shaheem Johnson. Guilty in connection with the shooting death of Hughes in late twenty fifteen. Prosecutors say another person shot Hughes in this being tried separately. While Johnson did not pull the trigger. Jurors convicted him because they found he was a major participant in the shooting. The verdict came days after Gibson mcelhinney twenty one year old son Victor mcelhinney was fatally shot in Los Angeles in what police say was a botched robbery..

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