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You don't know how scared yeah it's that that was that was an amazing game the i found out i think aim because camille non johnny texted me and he just said download he does go to ps the play store right now download pt it's free and turn off your lights and play it meanest thing next test you said jesus christ so i did i was like i don't i don't we don't text that frequently i don't see him that often so i was like he's texting this is like something special you should really go ahead of this turns out camille non johnny fucking hates you probably look in the show this is a new players join podcast podcast we talked people about the view games they love and why they love them i'm trying to get barrett new opening oh no i i love when you just say games a bunch that's wrong yeah we've got we've got a a great guest and one of i mean this is the strangest game we've had so far i think so fall thanks so yeah or joined by i mean you might know from his standup you might know him from emotional hangs you might know him from better call saul but we're joined by the very talented very funny joe derosa so thank you so much for being here hugh saying nice things what other hosts say don't do a lot of podcasts yeah to i don't listen to them.

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