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In the 77, right? Right? Not bad for a punk band, right? Yeah. Maria arrested says, hey, what's up, Maria? Said hi to me. So let me see. Did they get signed before Sex Pistols over Sex Pistols the first band? I think it's 6 puzzles for sure. I think it would be the sexual. They started out. They started. Well, the Sex Pistols were to them where they were to other bands. You know, they sell such pestles and they're like, that's it. Yeah. That was a changer. So like you said earlier Lou and anecdote often repeated as mock Perry's lament. Punk died the day the clash signed to CBS. Let me see, according to John savage's England's dreaming, the clash like many punk bands at the time was shockingly naive about business matter. As Joe strummer recollects their quote, we were completely in the dock. This is what I said earlier, right? We let a manager Bernie handle everything. We were really the people we were supposed to be. What did we know about record companies and contracts? And I think that was. The thing back in the day, groups today are a lot smarter. Oh yeah, 'cause the more information they get. In 82, stroma was pressured by clash manager Bernie Rhodes, to go with the hiding in Texas as a publicity stunt. This was because tickets were selling slowly for the Scottish leg of an upcoming tour, stroma instead decided to genuinely disappear to France for several months. During his time in Paris, stomach claimed he ran the Paris marathon. There's the third one. According to the class frontman, his training regime consisted of ten pints of beer, the night before the race. You got to get them cops up. Nicotine. According to Pete Thompson, rock music can be channeled for dealing with your personal problems in a healthy way, but it has to have an element of confrontation. He felt the clash in bodied this ethos. Telling cream magazine in 1982, quote when you listen to the clash, you're facing up to life. And at the same time, being given strength to deal with it, which is what rock and roll is all about. There you go. They had it. And then you had. Pete was the only dinosaur of the dinosaur lands, right? He was the only one that connected to the punk scene. Yeah. He hung out with the Sex Pistols. I always admired that about him. Zeppelin, they couldn't relate to them. Yes, couldn't relate to them. I'm a punk with a stutter. Guitar style was always rough raw. Punk in his own way. Even back in his early pop singles. There's attitude behind everything he did. Him and Dave, Dave Davies. Yeah. Yeah. Is it true Joe sturmer got hepatitis from someone spitting his mouth with a gig? I heard that. Yeah, I don't know how much of that you believe. I mean, how do you prove that's what gave you hepatitis? It wasn't any needles or any straws. Maybe laxative up into, you know? He goes against diagnosed hepatitis. Oh, someone must have spit in your mouth, sir. Which gig. This kid was that. Note to people not watching Louis mimicking snort and baby laxatives. There you go. It's a little add a little procaine to that and at all the mix for a good line back in the 80s. Why are we? And I'm not talking about a verbal line. I have to go to the bathroom. But the white line, baby. What can I say for you? Hey, listen, I retired now. I'm not a cop anymore. I can say it. All right. All right, I did it. All right. So much. So what? Someday, my granddaughter is going to listen to this podcast. That's my thing here. I'm not surprised. Hey, at least you're not writing an autobiography and you were a big rockstar. Some of these rockstars are right. These autobiographies like kids read them. Phil Collins, of all people, his chapter on drinking was hilarious and so sad and so, I don't know, but he laid it all out. That takes courage, you know? Let them hear about it. Because they didn't know. I would say that that chapter on is drinking going out of control while he was in his 40s. He became a raging alcoholic in his 40s, was probably one of the best chapters on drinking and getting out of control. Plus, he added into the mix. He had a lot of money. So you can afford to get on a Concord and drink and trash the Concorde, you know? And who was that? Phil Collins, your favorite thing. Was that the Concorde on the way over there? No, no. He was fine. It was vacation home in the islands or something. Yeah. But you know, it's like when you talk about, oh, you don't want to say this, you know, but anyone that writes an autobiography I hand it to him. I know why they hide stuff. All right, you guys got anything else on the class before we move on to I'm good. Continuing a list of 50 last live performances. This is like Friday 13th sequel. I can't wait till I'm fucking done with this. Why did I stop? Every week I have to fight with these folks. To finish it now. What was the last song about the class played though? The last time we covered it, we covered it last time. Oh, wow. Should I stay or should I go? Was that the wrong car? No. Okay. I don't know. I believe it's clamped down. Clamp down, okay. No, that's the call up. Clamp town lady sing this? Father Clapton. Harrisburg. Bad to be running down that it's Bob Dylan here? I don't know, I don't know. That's Bob Dylan does the clash. I just didn't match up. He's staying. Tell you something. Really? I understand. I do it now what do you think? Should I stay? Should I go? I'm all lost in his supermarket. Okay. All right. We could probably keep going with that one. So where did we leave off last week? Journey with Steve Perry, did we do cream? Yeah, we did Randy Rhodes Talking Heads, did we do prints? Yes. Yes, we did. We did prints. We did this with Peter Gabriel, Ronnie James Dio, oasis we did. We did the almond brothers. We did Alice in Chains, Dire Straits. Did we do dinosaurs? Yep. We didn't. We did local hero. Yeah, I was local hero, right? On June 19th, 99. The police next to you. We did that because we talked about the tour and then they did something. The Ramones did we stop at the police? Did we do the Ramones?

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