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I understand. But it's sort of sad. Hey them to watch. I know you make it is what I pay your relatives. Who I don't even know where we were where we're we were talking about how you got fired from coats, the greatest sitcom premise in the history of television, anybody out there has ever been fired. And you think your life is over? I'll tell you. This had I not been fired. I would have done a second season of operation petticoat, and I would have been unavailable to audition for the movie Halloween. But because I got fired I was available and Chuck bender. Put me up for the part of Laurie strode, which auditioned for many many many times and ended up getting it. You never know. Exactly. What light is around the corner. Well, I operate my life on a quote from an author named marisha pestle who wrote a book called special topics in calamity physics. It's a great book. It's a mystery. And in it, she talks about how we all think. Life is going to proceed for all of us. And she's you know, what school you went to your starting job you had and blah, blah, blah. And she says, it's not, you know, and she says I quote life hinges on. A couple seconds. You never see coming. And what you do in those seconds determines everything from then on. And you won't know what you're gonna do till you're there and quote. So that's how I approach life because that's life to me. You know, our friend, Sean James, our mutual friend who's been cutting my hair since nineteen ninety eight one of dearest people. I know who does make up for me for all my shows. I love him to pieces. My dad's do I she's the best. So he wouldn't wear that check it. I just he would he would wear this jail. Saying crazy shoes with like wing understand if that was Vivienne Westwood jacket. He would wear it. He would. He he is amazing wouldn't wear that one. Here's how much Sean James my life. Is that my dad died very suddenly in two thousand thirteen the next day? I went to work I met this girl, very briefly who was a mutual friend of Sean in mine. Didn't talk to her again for almost a year the next year. I was single Sean said, you should go out with Lydia. Hearst. I go. Yeah. I met her last year. But my dad had just died. I barely remember it. I don't know any goes you should ask her out. And I go, okay. I'll just call her and ask her out, and he goes, well, all ready out for you. And she said she'd go when I was like look at you throw down a little Sean James with just a little, Sean James and so work joy get in the club. Yeah. Okay. Good. So he he set us up, and it it about two years later three years later. I realized the day after my dad died I met the woman I was gonna marry how bit fucking melted my mind, and then Sean set us up almost a year later life so inches on a couple seconds. You never see coming ever. See it coming and see that's where we as a society of control have to let go of that..

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