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Sixty eight percent of the what he had said yes does the world need more goose gossage is fifty nine percent of the audience said yes vic lane johnson didn't tedy bruschi he defied fun different way did you say ninety eight percent there's a record hi i was closed the ninety seven percent of the earth now you have is this blamed johnson hinted hebrews do you have a different definition for what is what is appearing to be charitable while not actually contributing to charity the best of both worlds a deadbug greg go the endorsed ido either coating it lowers the by saying that the best of both worlds the is is appearing to be charitable instead of actually being charitable quilt sixty eight percent of the audience also endorses it man the greg have the look out see it see music fact there 94 percent of the the said yes and then we have a was today's big a a lot of votes already of course you guys we'll wait for that question all day yes is the audiences and weird our audience is weird because uh they will arrive places quickly mike what are we doing with the skills competition we decided that we're going to do something on the internet with the skills competition where we're going to do a show around the basketball skills competence will have an announcement on that shortly and i'm sorry my apologies off the poll question up hell the sun's dillon metre there is no real answer for that know i'm so one would it be those saturday this saturday if we were doing it if we're doing it when we have our announcement shortly hey what do we want greg cody to be a part of it he does not want to be a part of the medical first one what so well one up when is try to get i.

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