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Welcome back folks it is the ray lucia show the song and frankly i love a lot of stuff that donald trump is doing right now i don't love everything certainly don't mike his tweets and some of the stuff that he says it's not very presidential i get that maybe that's what we need i don't like trade wars i mean i don't wanna get emails people saying you know on the trump train and that's all you care about that's not true but when i when i read about all these fake news stories and i see nancy pelosi talking about crumbs and all that it's an insult to people like myself who frankly live in the middle class or upper middle class i have for many many years it's probably more middle today than it was ten years ago but but to make comments why you know most of the middle class aren't getting tax cuts when you go to the tax policy centers of america or politic political facts and all these other factfinding institutions and they find that just about everybody is benefiting i mean the ninety plus percent range from the tax bill these complaints about the trump tax bill just don't make sense now there's a lot in there that i i'm not particularly fond of and i certainly wanted to see this carried interest thing get nailed it didn't because that helps the hedge fund guys i get that and i can understand where they say well millionaires and billionaires that are hedge fund managers are still doing pretty well which they are but you're not sometimes you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater pretty good first step so i told the tale of a hypothetical mark smith and his name was make seventy thousand bucks and he's single and he gets to put an extra almost twenty two hundred bucks in his pocket in two thousand eighteen then he made in twenty seventeen that's mac dab in the middle class so here's the next one john and cindy south live in atlanta georgia have two kids one and three they make one hundred and fifty thousand dollars they don't have a home they don't itemize any deductions they rent so here we go last year they making one hundred and.

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