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Reilly the Riley update now brings you something you might not know so I met a Chinese American woman living in Los Angeles and she told me something she was pretty sure that I would not know and she felt that many others too which is that boy babies are so much in demand in China today that when she went home to visit her parents still living there in China her son's feet never once touched the ground he was one and a half years old and she said he never put his feet on Chinese soil because she carried him the entire time two whole weeks that she was in China too afraid to let go of him and now that she has two children he hasn't been back for several years because she thinks it would be too difficult to protect them both and it's not worth the risk so why does she feel this way well she says it's a concern shared by many in the Chinese American community that she's a part of and she told me a story about another woman who went back a Chinese American and her young child was in the cart in Beijing she was in the Walmart and she reached over to the vegetables to pick something up it was just a few seconds according to her and by the time she turned around the child was gone in this case she could still hear the screams of her child and she chased down the woman who had taken her and managed to get her back but according to this woman this doesn't happen very often normally when your child is taken you never see them again boys are particularly in demand and why is that well China's one child policy which began in nineteen seventy nine and is now been abolished resulted in many people when they could only have one child they wanted a boy because like many other cultures in the world Chinese culture values boys over girls one reason being that the name is carried down from generation to generation and that's very important boys are into mind because Chinese families want them to race so even though the policy has been abolished this still takes place according to Human Rights Watch and other international groups in fact China today has a shortage of some thirty to forty million women so there are more men in China than women and women of being trafficked across the border to marry Chinese men and to bear their children so that is the legacy of a policy that still lives on today we'll be right back well you've been hearing about gold all over the news and prices keep going up experts warning a recession may be coming and it's time to prepare recent Annalise's week says he sees gold going up hundreds of dollars per house to hit seventeen hundred Bucks an ounce I recommend.

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