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I mean, he had he had to hold package on. He could fight to you know. I mean, we're talking about fighters, and with my my ties a lot of people laugh Joe, you you've been Mike Tyson on nine. Okay. You see in the kind of style that he has. And he has fought I've got a question. So not a best one because you bring it on Mike Tyson. Then we just talked about all those, you know, those are the two heavyweights that probably get mentioned the most. If we're being honest, like those are the probably the most famous heavyweights ever for whatever reasons if those two sides them in the ring, how did you see that play now well in their friends, well, I can tell you that breath frame Mike Tyson fought one night, I was on his face and New York City, actually, it was New York, and he fought a fighter who had high end to reach. And I saw he has difficulty. But at toll a fight ahead along that good boxes killed and. He was a heavy wet can't think of the name fan, but he had a he had a good style. Give Tyson a tough Fatimid Taito. Not get everybody out that just won't fight. He can put away and my task on some problems with boxes. I have a high today. To hide advantage. Have good boxes kills. And I it was one day. You're going to have province we end up when he fought a bus at Douglas Tokyo. He ended up getting stopped by bus Douglas sauce it to myself. Well, you know, if trying to put Muhammad Ali and buses Douglas together, two different fighters too high, and they had a boxes killed that high dorito boxer Degen's many outside and I said to myself. Well, I think Mike Tyson has a tough time with Sola guys. We know when Buster Douglas put him away, he exposes self that he had big tall Kucinich boxes. Most cannot, you know, no, absolutely end. There was nobody big taller more than Muhammad. Ali Muhammad Ali weighed less than Tyson, right? Muhammad Ali Cole was coming in about two ten. Yeah. He thinks wait to ten to fifteen, but he was you. Nobody was tall tall and light like wild. They're actually live funny because it's like they're only similarities Tyson was shorter and heavier squad here. But yeah, he did have problems mitigating that reach advantage and against someone like Ali. I just don't see how he'd be able to close that gap. I have no idea how he would. Yeah. He will have a difficult time against Mamad Ali. So you put both of these two guys get into prime definitely has had a bunch of power, but he will have to catch. Muhammad ali. He'd have to be Tyson would have to fight his best fight ever and to and I'll even have to be you know, sluggish or or less exactly what I'm when. Muhammad Ali Joe Fraser was smaller. But he was like a little bull. Come on some some similar to a Mike Tyson. You know? Oh, yeah. They did if big punch of our planet power. And you saw what happened? Joe Frazer put Muhammad Ali down to I encountered ahead, a massive square on which I remember. Was it night? It was out of boxing d'electricite. And yeah, it was unbelievable. I made a fans coming into the arena that women dementia. What dress up day all decked out? Does go make hats on and glamour? And then and I thought, wow, man, I would like with like a Hollywood red was unbelievable. But whose and everybody was dressed anybody. S? Right. And I remember Muhammad Ali. Putting Joe Joe Joe phrase putting down Dada with would've left foot and late around. So it goes to show, Dave if Tiso Ali Eva cadre, one of those folks that you could put Mamadali Don we have to catch him. He'd have to get their man. Yeah. Get there. And but look a lot of a lot of thought they will say, well, I I'll go with Tyson. Yeah. You go with him. You know, if you if you believe we can catch Audi. But a day I'll tell you right now if you take Tyson then we make the third round yard..

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