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And so as much as Joe Biden would like to talk about unity and togetherness, and his inaugural address into the dress to Congress. Pushing critical race theory is going to do the opposite. The article says that there are two priorities. The first is incorporating is this teaching and learning practice and the second is for a curriculum to include a strong focus on news literacy as a means? To meaningfully participate in our democracy and distinguished fact from misinformation. The more I see people on the left talking about snuffing out misinformation. The more I see them actually attempting to win arguments by claiming that everything else is misinformation and censoring them into silence. Yes, I mean, that's that's absolutely what we see time and time again with the cancel culture that's pervasive throughout. Society these days is yes. You are intimidated into silence and we see this. I'm in a pop culture of space. We see this in the political speech face. We see this. I'm just in everyday family life and interaction between individuals and their friends. I think that's why you see so much of what people post on Social Media's, You know, re sharing info graphics that they think well. You know, either gain them woke points with their friends and family who follow them on there or will shield them from criticism to say, Hey, you were silent on this issue. That's a problem for me. That's problematic. So we've gotten to this point where right people are Police, their speeches being police. Not necessarily. You know the jury by the government, but the fact oh by the government, and that people will get fielded and canceled from society if they don't continue to peddle a certain line on bright now critical race theory and the idea that America is systemically Racists, which, of course, Kim Scott pushed back again. In response to find the dress to Congress. If you don't subscribe to that we do see people starting to get marginalized because of it, Benjamin Franklin said. Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the free nous of speech. Anything that smacks of censorship smacks of intellectual vacancy. Fear of the validity of another person's position and in authoritarians desire to control and they should all be rejected. Sara Anderson, director of policy of FreedomWorks, Thanks for being our guest. Michael, Thanks.

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