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After all the players in including and by self as the beat writer covered the team won on a golf outing and he was playing football any dove into the surf and he landed on his pitching shoulder any he said the sound was like air going out of a tire and so the next spring when he starts to throw he can't throw hard he's lost his fastball velocity and so out of desperation he tries different grips tries a change of any remembers a grip the donny elliott who the ah the padres got in the fred mcgriff traded 93 had shown him the worry pinches the scene between his index finger and his thumb and he tries that bradost misses the is the catcher in an exhibition game in a worked beautifully and that's the pitch he the hall of fame in which would trevor got done telling me that story said trevor you're like thirty eight years old who cares if people know now that your shoulder got hurt he looked at me he said you're right go ahead and say it and so became on the record and i wrote that story i'm happy for trevor hoffman i'm sure you're very happy as well yeah he's one of the great character died as home filibuster you know well suited y and he tells the vanity similar story to be that even the few ended at the outfield at spring training heard during you know one of his minorleague seasons one of his teammates that either in your terrible hitter but you've got a great rv be a picture and that's when he started thinking about it instead of being insulted he just acknowledge j you're probably right and then to be to become a picture that quickly and then become a great pitcher that quickly just speak to who he is but it it since background is you know he lost a kidney i believe is young kid i really had some physical issues overcame them i come from a great family your decision is brother played bakley though that is down with with uh one of the singing i i believe in anaheim stadium uh it's a great he you know proposed to his wife up one nieta afternoon above a super bowl game i think.

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