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Your ditch which Midwest player of the game to Patrick in another 27 minute performance from him, six shots on goal and four attempts blocked was if you look at him last two games ago, no shot attempts in that game against Nashville. And that doesn't happen with Patrick Kane. No shot attempts, and he just He didn't have it that game. And he was the first one to admit it. So you look at 13 shot attempts last game 10 in this one very active. Let's hear from Jeremy Carlton is he addresses the media? Actually, Jeremy, If you want to start with a quick statement, you go ahead. Sure, um, Overall, we played a pretty solid game. They're a good team. They work hard. They may care and what you get and you know, obviously it's tough to come from behind against a team like that, and they got really good goaltending. But I thought we we did a lot of good things, and we created more than enough to score. More than one goal. And, you know, I thought we were fairly solid defensively so By no means a re satisfied and we expect to get better and we'll keep at it tomorrow with practice and continue to improve, but think we continue to move in the right direction. Maybe some technical issues assumes we see Jeremy. Respond to a question. I think they're trying to get some reporters questions that you know, my right hand E didn't get a response. So we're up here on the seventh floor, so that that means okay. That may be a problem, but I think he recapped generally what you've been talking about, as he continues to wait, What's what's going on with the zoom call here, But the way they played the game, much of that game that Z you good enough to win this game. They had the chances they played. Well, defensively. You look at his Demeanor right now, and you can't see it, but we can see him on the screen. Here is demeanor from the national first game to where it is now both losses but a completely different feeling of how you lost the game. And that's that's the important part and Jeremy talks about Process as you move forward here, and that Zeke Riddle called critical part of it. You can see progression, and it's heading in the right direction. So we'll we'll take this game. What it was that they didn't get it. The results that they were looking for, but the way that they played the game, they will get results for how they played. And still there. There is a little sense of of getting back on track or when you come back here on Sunday. Mean so many of these teams in these back to back situations very rarely, unless it's unless it's um it's mismatch. You're finding teams win back to back a back to back in these situations where they're playing the same team in the same city. This reset button tomorrow is gonna be gonna be pretty important here in terms of just hanging with, you know, Columbus is up there in 11 points. The Blackhawks are at seven. It's it's about growing and competing this season. But if you want to stay in the hunt in the middle of things, especially with the likes of Florida and Dallas in this division pretty much taking care of business. With the games they've been able to play. It'll be pretty important. We'll circle back to that on once Jeremy has done if he is going to hear questions and provide answers, like, uh, See if we got something going on Sumas. He's Looking around to see if the technical difficulties are All squared away. It's putting up with you. We're hearing anything. One of the critical things that is gonna happen to is the extra point There seems to be a lot of the extra points being passed around in there all within the division, so they're all gonna count. I think that at the end of the season Lot of the standings they're going to be. You're going to see some separation from the top teams on then you're going to see a clump of teams fighting for playoff spots underneath that elite group of team and I think in this in this division, I don't think there's any any after after Tampa Bay, Dallas, I don't know if there's necessarily any clear cut. Teams. I mean, Florida has looked good so far. Well, Carolina's OK, Latu interesting team, but you wonder how they they certainly reacted well. Last night after having what nine consecutive days off due to covert. They host Tampa Bay and they win it one nothing in overtime. So that's another on the back end of this home, standing another very structured. Team that the Blackhawks we're gonna have to be able to contend with kind of like Columbus is, too. If you look at Carolina, I mean, it's a team that you don't really think a whole lot about. It's not a team that has a great rivalry with anybody you know, in the Western Conference, you only play him once and you know the building is has now got some atmosphere in it because the team is Vince's successful but at the same time You just don't have a great rivalry with them. You probably will develop the rivalry much more than you've seen in the past. But there's solid team and and I think that they know that they're good, but I'm not 100% sold on them. They haven't been a team that has gotten over that hump. Yet. Dallas, you know, took a big stride last year. Third time's the charm. Let's He's trying to see if Jeremy is able to hear reporters questions now. That's the aliens that I hear night in my sleep. Shooting.

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