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On talk radio 6 80 doubled. You see BF whether tells his sunny today dry and high of 50, So get out and enjoy rain's coming this weekend. So today and tomorrow your best days for some outdoor activity 43 right now. In the woodland. It is 43 in Aberdeen and coming up next, who pray tell is gonna drop pop or fluff out of the Democrats. Clown Car Bolivar Equity insurance. We talked about them. They are a Baltimore institution, and they have been around for a while, folks. 17 94 George Washington was president. And that's when Baltimore Equitable opened their doors and they've been working for us ever since. Then, you've probably seen their plaques around town, The big 17 94 big plaque of somebody's home. They're the oldest company in Baltimore. They have close ties to the community. They have no 125 226 years. Here's what makes it work. You pay them a deposit. They provide your insurance period. When you no longer need that insurance. You get all your money back Sean and David. It's great model and works and I've known several people that have signed up already. Was Baltimore Equitable, You should least check out what they have to say that it sounds too good to be true. But when you call you always get a live person. You're not going to get, you know, shipped overseas or End up with the voicemail. Whatever so called Baltimore operable Insurance today, 4 10 7 to 7 17 94 4 10 7 to 7 17 94 Baltimore Equitable Insurance Great homeowner's insurance. Since 17 94 Good morning once again on his 8 16 of the warning in his time bus is for us to hit the big top. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your seats and focus your attention on the center ring as a Democrat clown car enters. Makes a series of left turns.

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