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Branding it's just won't be made by l. g. This is similar to what nokia and blackberry do where another company doesn't just build them. I mean foxconn. Bill dapple phones right but apple designs them. Lg won't even design. These and other company will design that's why it's od 'em original design manufacturer and then sell the phones under the licensed brand name so all nokia and blackberries are made by other companies and sold under their names The lower and lg phones were already being made by other companies. Now the mid range ones will also be made by other companies as well still sold under the name l. g. will reduce its research and production positions and focused on premium smartphones cutting costs on the production of these mid range phones. So really trying to shave off their losses because l. has had twenty two consecutive quarters of losses in its mobile communications business I don't know that the high end phones are going to last much longer. Honestly given that. They're they're now down to number seven in market share. I think two thousand thirteen was the last time were in the top five. Yeah and the idea of cutting costs and other companies essentially make your your mid range and lower end phones the lg name on it at the end that that makes perfect sense. So lg sane. Okay well our flagship phones. Were still gonna handle that ourselves. Best of luck. Maybe maybe they will have some luck with this but would that many consecutive quarters of losses almost two. Gosh math is hard but twenty. Two consecutive quarters of losses as many years of losses It yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if lg just gets out of the Design manufacturing business totally at some point and keep in mind. There's there's a couple of different. Lg's there's lg display and lg electronics They they have some some connection at the very very top end of the corporate structure but there are essentially two different business. Lg electron ix is the one that does tv's home appliances kitchen. Refrigerators laundry etc. They're doing great with their whitegoods. Like like washers and dryers and refrigerators doing great. Tv's they are obviously not doing so well with phones but phones used to be the bedrock of lg electronics. So i do feel like there's this is. This is a big deal. And and yeah they're gonna make more money licensing out the name than making these low end phones but not as much money as if they had successful phones. Yeah well speaking of successes. The m one isn't the last chip designed from apple it has been available on on certain computers to do a bit of fanfare and it seems obvious but some folks seemed also skeptical of how well that m one ship would be at powering. Bigger max so sure. Macbook air mac mini great. What about the others. The answer is there are other chips for that. Bloomberg's mark gurman and ian kings sources. Say that apple plans to release the new apple. Silicon chip also known as whatever version of the one they call it as early as the spring for larger macbook pros.

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