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Our freedom we have no excuses today for that kind of babe you're all right so what so what do you suggest that people who are in listening to you do earlier today it got the chance to speak to congressman dave brat republican virginia's seventh district asked him about teacher pay at the time when you're running one and a half trillion dollar deficits according to the oem be and was a disconnect in terms of trying to make any kind of inroads into well you know maybe the money should have been spent on education what do you do well i'm talking here and the members of our organization are talking about bipartisan solutions i think the first thing that we have to recognize is that our budget problem is so large that the only way that we are going to solve it is if we have everyone at the table and everything on the table we need our nation's leaders in the congress and in the executive branch to recognize that there is no way to solve this problem where one side gets everything at once and does not have to pitch in everybody is going to have to be involved thank you for being involved and thank you for sustaining capitalism the book that you co authored last year joe minarik is the director of research at the committee for economic development he's all my former chief economist at the office of management and budget thanks for listening to the bloomberg peon l podcast you can subscribe and listen to interviews at apple podcasts soundcloud or whatever podcast platform you prefer i'm pimm fox i'm on twitter at pimm fox i'm on twitter at lisa abramowicz one before the podcast you can always catch us worldwide on bloomberg radio.

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