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Meter swim and forty k bike and ten k run. And even though it was tough experience of the sport from the beginning and yeah, I guess they had some good abilities, talent or whatever in a put, a lot of work in God veteran better and and you know, it became my job. And luckily for the last fifteen to twenty years of have been racing all over the world of professional athletes with some good results in them still enjoying it. And this point of my career getting old. There is a natural step two to step up longer distances in now. My mangoes, this I remind in Hawaii. Yeah. Okay. Are you more natural in the water on the bike or running. That's a good question because other beginning was more shooting the water because of my swim by ground. But as my training progress in, I go better. I think I'm I could be similar all three. So now I'm trying to be strongest a stronger on the by can also run because just because of the fact that swing y'all swing for fifty minutes in Ireland, but cycle, you're gonna be cycling for four and a half hours, and you wanna run a full Marthe which will take about tunnels to our cities. Humping I was forty, so you need to be ready consistent on the by him and have a lot of endurance on that final run. Okay. So world class time, is that around added up? Is that around six hours? It will be about eight hours. Yeah, foreign Shoka. Yeah, played our top race like Kona. Another racist people go under eight hours, but yeah, conus berry very special snot flat course is very windy and the heat is brutal there. So it's not a fast race. What we would call a fast race. Okay. In again, I wanna go back to why in a no, that that's the obvious question you get asked though all the time in, but I'd like to hear from you. Why do what is it about distance in endurance? That is fascinating too. Well, I love the. It was also my natural ability. I realized when I was in school that there were some kids Fuster than me when we're running short distances, but I was faster than Dan have more insurance than most of them when we had to run for a long period. And I was always fascinated by endurance sports like cycling running swimming yet. I know where other mice William comp at room, but most of the the kids they wanted to do like shorter vents. I one hundred meters. Fifty meters really faucet was more interested in longer distances because it was my natural talent than. The something about the challenge and of all the, you know, the physical pain that you have to to hold for longer that that I don't know. I guess to me, that's very exciting in retaliation. So we want to do it. His very exciting. Like I'm training right now. I, I'm laughing because I don't find it exciting. And I'm training right now for. It's about a thirty mile ocean paddle in about thirty miles in world class records around five and a half hours, and I'm sure I'm gonna come in around seven and a half eight, you know, and it's hard. It's just it's hard. It's very challenging for Shula bet. When you see yourself improve progressing in in when you finally achieve your goal is very rewarding. Yes, and and that's what we're really like more than depicted self that you don't really enjoyed when you're suffering. You know why you do it. You know what you want to cheat in drives you to to try to get better. Okay. Let's go into that for you. What is it that you're trying to understand unlock experience..

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