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They both wrote love letters to her. They were both in chanted with her. After Austin and sue were married. Austen's? Father basically paid them to stay in Amherst by building a house for them gorgeous evergreens next door to the homestead season. An Emily would Mark passages. They liked him books. They sent them back on fourth cross the lawn. One sister have I in our house and won a hedge away. There's only one recorded but both belong to me. One came the way that I came and war my past years gown the other as bird her nest building our hearts mung, Emily Dickenson sends more of her poems to Susan than to any other correspondent most of her emotional charge list toward Susan because Susan was so much reader. She's affectionate. She she calls herself daisy to sue. And it's very flirtatious and very sweet and at times. Scared of sues judgments. I split the Jew, but took the morn. I chose this single start from out the wide nights numbers. Sue forevermore? You can see how it goes from almost up like sweet Victorian poem. One sister. Have I enter house in one hedge away, that's sort of a sweet. And then it gets more and more wild. I split the do. But took the more I chose this single start for out the wide nights numbers. Sue forever would have like completely erotic pagan love affair by the end. She just was out of control at some amazing. What do you do you read the Atlantic monthly in the April issue eighteen sixty two an article appeared inviting young writers to submit their work. Charge your style with life said the author Thomas we're taking. When she first got in touch with Thomas Higginson in eighteen sixty two and asked if her poems breathed, he sent her back his judgements on the palms, not very encouraging. But he did what a lot of hornell literary men would do. And he said send me a photograph of yourself. She wrote could you believe me without I had no portrait now, but I'm small like their Ren. And my hair is bowl like the chestnut. Burger, and my is like the Sherry and the glass that the guests leaves with this Stu just as well. When Higginson came to visit Emily Dickinson Higginson wrote in glided, a little.

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