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No doubts. Nobody makes golf clubs the way they do, period. Three, four, and you can throw that speedball by you. The last call for phone calls is what we learned what's in store tomorrow on the program, former Syracuse head coach, Jim beheim will join us on the program. Let's see. Barry and Santa Fe, Barry, thanks for holding, best and worse to the weekend. Good morning. Fellows, good morning, chat roe. Two best setting worst all from the world baseball class. Okay. Number one, team Israel with a win. Go fighting semites. Dan, I'm sure you were I'm sure you're selling and they gave you lots of Nox with that way. And then they play much Puerto Rico next, I think, Israel does. Let's go boys. Second best, there were a bunch of ten or 15 grows sitting behind home plate, who are having the best time in the world. They were punching out guys on third strikes in unison. They were hot. They were asking the first space up for help on check swings. And one dude chugged a beer out of a sneaker. So that, I mean, that's the ultimate boys night out. Well, thank you, Perry. Alan, Atlanta, Alan, thanks for holding best and worse to the weekend. Good morning, van, got a best and then I'll throw back to Friday if we have time, hopefully. The rest of the weekend, Ronald lacuna junior and Venezuela upsetting the Dominican Republic in the world baseball classic, always great to see an upset except for when it's Mexico over the USA. Where should the weekend, at the end of the NFL season, I was the first to say no thank you to Tom Brady when he retired for all the memories because every memory I have of him is a horrible one. And the falcons were set up. We were set up for have a great year and then now looking around, we got Derek Carr to our west, the Panthers to the north have the number one draft pick. And I just had this feeling that somehow, some way, Aaron Rodgers is going to end up at the Tampa Bay just to screw me. Yeah, that's not going to happen.

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