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ABC's Karen Travers joins us from the White House the president was that correct a quick to respond Karen yeah and and you know who this is there's no love lost between John Calley and president trump made a contentious rocky tenure when he was here for a year and a half is the chief of staff and even before that when you the DHS secretary but it was still striking to see John Kelly continue some of his criticism it's not frequent but when he does come out and talk about the president he has been quite critical and the comments he made about that North Korea no surprise saying that North Korea is never going to give up their weapons and that the strategy is not right but I think them the interesting stuff was the bin and stuff that lieutenant colonel Alexander van man was pushed out of his White House job in what seemed to be retribution for his testimony in the impeachment trial against the president and the ad John Kelly was defending him John Callies a retired marine general and he says that bin men did exactly what he was supposed to do as a military officer that if you see an illegal order you have to raise a red flag about that the president did not like it it did not take very long for him to respond on Twitter yesterday as saying that John Kelly misses the action in the White House and that he can't keep his mouth shut very striking rebuke yesterday from the president and that didn't last very long in the news cycle because the US Attorney General then gave an interview that raised a few eyebrows very many eyebrows in Washington this is a really great exclusive by my colleague Pierre Thomas with the Attorney General and William far essentially said that if the president suites are not helpful now we've heard Republican senators say that certainly a lot of officials around here say it but to see a cabinet secretary somebody so close to the president say it publicly in an interview was very striking the said that the tweets about Roger stone and other criminal cases frustrate him and makes it impossible for him to do his job now the critics of bar will say that he was more call of the president's tweeting about it coming publicly not the actual pressure he may be putting on the justice department to do his political bidding but bar said that he feels confident that the justice department can operate separately and they're doing their work with integrity and then there's the story of what the president is saying now about Rudy guiliani being in Ukraine yeah this is interesting I you know I went back and we're looking at some of the comments where it seems like the president have been denying that he had sent three guiliani do you crane that that he was in in in responsible are behind it o'kane yet when Giuliani's on some of these investigative trips but yesterday the president said it's fine when he's doing that other presidents have had attorneys who personal attorneys who've done work like this and that everything is doing is above board Karen thanks for your time this morning have a great weekend ABC news correspondent Karen Travers with us once again from the White House hello this time seven.

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