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Gospel music says this is what they told him. This was the devil's music embarrassing reminder of our past. We did not want anyone playing this fan. Dancing music in our church. Thomas struggled to make ends meet as a gospel songwriter, Saturday night, he worked blues gigs and played churches on Sunday mornings. I mean. In nineteen thirty to his wife was expecting their first child when he traveled from Chicago to Saint Louis, and he said, I'll be back again by marriage. He went to St Louis for gospel a workshop, and he found out that she was gravely ill in childbirth while he was there he hurried back to Chicago only to find out that Nettie his wife had passed away the night before but his day old child was alive. So he was very despondent about his wife, very thankful that his son was alive. But the next day his son died in his despair Thomas spent three days alone in a room with the piano. He emerged from that isolated grief with a new vision. And with the new composition that became an enduring gospel him, take my hand, precious Lord. Long. Jake ma..

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