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Two nine the foaming broadcast as a commercial presentation paid for by guaranteed rate ink and allievi and bras browser pc really say radio hot stand guys you will sell your houses no doubt about that i'm not surprised for sellers to say why shouldn't i just market drop you're all loan officer rick seared guaranteed race for how much how much you're going to get that property sold by you listing yoursel legal professional holly alavi of alavi bras if he saves so i think there's legitimate logic behind it but i think the numbers don't speak the same story in the state radio blasting gives you the information you me to succeed in today's housing mike i'm very excited i mean like like we're exciting i'm i'm really excited i'm excited bricks here nmls id forty five forty nine tag nor the noise and a distraction and do your job that's exactly what you an idea don't had says s s o b this is real estate radio vast hello and welcome to real estate radio boston we are your hosts bricks year and ali allow these sound like you are pa me and i am pounds i will tell you we've had we've had quite quite a week quite a way quite a week before we get to what a week we've had yeah we have a big announcement than we wanted all why listeners to know that uh the next couple of weeks are going to be our last shows on busy on busy but we are not going away rila syria relevant will move on were actually changing the platform were were essentially pushing the content in the various channels in every which way every which way like our podcast so we have a lot of thousands of people download the podcast every single we take us with the mama go so we're gonna continue that we're gonna add more platforms are we can add more content.

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