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You described grabbed a Discussion Catchphrase which I thought you seem to really have impact on the students and and change their attitude and help them get rid of a lot of destructive behaviors and it seemed to me. It made it much more likely that they could be successful. They wouldn't be victim. Said be survivors of small business. And and that phrase was they. Don't pay you for that. You use that to help. Kids work their way out of poverty and into success Can you talk about that phrase. How how you used it like? I think that's something that we all might want to say to ourselves. Sub Days. It was a huge breakthrough from me. The as a teacher to say that and it occurred When I was at Evander childs high school I remember vividly and I had a gifted student in in a special ed because he he was had trouble focusing he was gifted in accounting? And I I saw right away that he understood double entry accounting and he just was good. Uh but is behavior was so disruptive that had Eventually another teacher Got Him expelled. eld Any ended up getting all failures accepted Mike Class where I took a huge risk and gave him an a plus even know he had not been there the last one but I've sending him a signal that that that he Hannah Canada gift and he came up with his mother that day and mother was crying he walked into my room. And Ah he said thank you to Ms Mariotti and and it was it and I and we started to talk and I said the point I was trying to make a define was they. Don't pay you for Excessive behavior for throwing spitballs for being rude or using inappropriate language. And and you have a gift and you can use it ca- to help other people by making money and then helping build your community can hire people help with the hospital with your family and that the mother was there and spoke broken English English Stood and he understood and that next year keys and within eighteen eighteen months he was a a three point. Eight student out of special. Ed which is nothing wrong with with special ED Unique learners but he he was able to totally change and I think it was stat. They don't pay you for that as well as giving him an a plus as a way that I could communicate McKie with he and his family that he was throwing his life away and it was it was it was a great joy That moment I remember like it was yesterday. Well the the picture of The classroom is so strong. And my mind who you painted it so vividly but after your experience with this class and it felt like was horrible to to leave this particular school and in this particular group of students you decided to take these concepts like they don't pay you for that and put them on a larger scale L.. Can can you tell us a little bit how you took the next step to create NIFTY and and to to do this on a really a global scale absolutely. I was in the classroom. Which would was for twenty five students? That had been expelled dowd from school for committing some. You know a serious Disobedience John and with up at the Department of Housing on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and everything was going great and I had had each of the students writing a business plan in this was an eighty us. Eighty seven eighty eight ad. They were all doing it and Dan. They all started businesses. You know Maybe two hundred dollars a month in revenue. But that's a lot and one of the kids said to me. But why aren't you doing Your Business Plan. You're making us do our business plan. What what are you doing? And it went right to the center of my being that that studies and so I said down. I wrote the business plan for what between the network for teaching entrepreneurship commonly called Nifty And arguably has been the most successful a nonprofit in my generation for youth work. A The triplicated..

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