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Brought Ryan Hall wig and jet or be screaming at him to train harder and stuff. But what was it like there? 'cause St. Louis and a bunch of guys trained there in the summers, right? Yeah, I didn't realize. I remember this guy's this kids go. And they lived like maybe 5 miles from them. I lived in Norman. And they lived in monkey school. So I was like, okay, what should I do? Okay, let me dress up. So I put all my gear. And they drive to their house. And I realized they have a huge hundred acre property, you know, and I drive into this ring, which is like almost the same size as any practice ring. They have, and they see me coming out. What the hell is wrong with this guy? But he was a fun, you know, Nelson belts, he let practice, I think a lot of hockey players, especially from northeast, went to system and practiced their escape, have fun, and the family was very good to me and to a lot of people. Darius, I don't know if you follow all this analytics stuff. It's all the talk nowadays. Do you follow any of it? Do you understand that it would do you care about it? Is it too much of a fact that nowadays? Honestly, I don't follow anything like that. Because I don't even know. My state's yet, you know, I don't know. They ask me what number I was like, can you just take a sharp? I don't really go into details like that. I try to simplify my life. You know what I'm saying? Even especially a game of hockey, you know, you put the states on, and you go play. I think there's no analytics attitude of the players and sacrifice. You know what I'm saying? So I don't really follow that. Great point. I guess you had, like I said, a 14 year career. How do you think you'll remember as an NHL player, what your legacy in the league that you think you left? One thing my home team is probably thinking there's a hard nose, hard dashing, hockey player, and if you ask other whatever 20 16s probably asshole, dirty player, you know, I.

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