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Long. Take the stairs. Rebecca Front End Lifts. No good question. I scared of lists. Yeah scared of. What's that Khushi might? As in the mother she won't you again. Get the made that her character in a think of it wouldn't get lift as well really phobia. Claustrophobia Ostra Phobias. Agra Phobia Francophobia anglophobia phobia scared of English. People know that can be no one nobody. I watched your Netflix. Fifteen Minute Netflix. Special of the comedy lineup. Yes thanks Oh thank you. Yeah thank you for that. Exciting getting a netflix special. Yeah that was. That was really. That was really cool because also it was. It's just the pain of failing a little bit. Like Oh God that was version of the like. Oh meet me as well from over here but again everyone on the lineup is people at Gateway and it was like a lovely little fifteen felt manageable felt sort of mildly humble but and bishops. All the same you know because it's sort of like yes gets a call. You can make your own comedy club out of that series and watch through three or four of them and that's a comedy night. That's a comedy night and more manageable than so in America like in standup. You'd go to a Geek and here you'd never really see anyone five minutes people like. Oh God maybe they have to vomit. I don't know why so saw standard set will be ten to fifteen minutes twenty thirty depending on where in the lodge I suppose but in America everything's five minutes spots and I find that really like to know if you've noticed guys but I'm a little bit chassis. So sometimes I'm like God. I'm Ashley was up five minutes already. So it's time to leave so fifteen. Felt a bit more like a nicer stretch of time to chat for. Yeah could it lead to it now? A special yeah like I think when You just I just like it to be good and I feel like at the moment. I'm trying to think for myself. I could do one of your Edinburgh shows or something that could yeah I could I just want to. I'd want to Polish it open to it right here. I think if I felt like a whole right there like I'd WanNa make it go and if you do too many things something will give. Yeah so something won't be as good as he can make it because all over the world right presumably the show so when you go somewhere do you have like a group of unexpected fans in the sometimes randomly but those things. It's funny the things that might take off the things that don't like that. I really thought. Oh my God I better enjoy my final moments walking around no difference really not many people. I don't think so so. Yeah it's the pins are take off at the things that don't like I didn't expect when is doing living with yourself that that would be so. I suppose because I put so much energy into my show and it's done really well and it's don't well critically and a lot of people have seen it but it hasn't been like dairy girls millions of people watching it and you know it's been a slogged push it and promoted because it doesn't just take off like that and loads of comedy sort of aren't as watched to think. They are living with yourself. That the netflix special. While I was like Oh my God it's GonNa but it doesn't really work like that whereas living with yourself as the first thing I ever felt like something shifted like suddenly got recognized. The next Monday wrote sort of thing which was an odd feeling interesting. Taskmaster that's interesting but ask a different question CA. Yes yes you didn't win a single show. Even Dave deal one one of his shows. The worst contestant has been on the bit pitcher on an impostor people are a lot of people like Dasa and I swear to God so we filmed that in like isolation like Corona virus experiment. And actually that will still do well after corona virus because everyone else to be on the road and doing it and some of the people who still win from sorry said some bad soup for lunch. So I'm a bit coffee am put I am yet. You all film your tasks like months before you watch it back in the studio I swear to God I taught and you never know that day how you did. So they'll be like Alex and then you don't know how you did. I swear to God I was like I am a genius. Just blood I swear to God. There's one where a not sure. There's like the C. Soul and you had to tank water. Make the C. So even and I taught Alex can drive as Carin and I'll get a cord. I realize like Oh my God I would. There was a reason I lost so much. Macgyver tie the rope to the car. And it's a great idea if you think about us and make sure it's even and then. I'll tie fast the car and I just thought. Gosh you're you're brilliant. And then I went in and I was like I could feel a sense of respect within the crew for me. This early has got it. I'm Ben Yeah. They watch back into the rope. Fell off in his like that. Didn't work at all loads of moments like that. I could not believe that I wasn't a genius for was like watching it. I know really. Yeah it was a real shock though I met you. Yeah it's the tough very you can only imagine. Listen Richard and you have this.

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