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You might know me as a true crime lover but there's another interest of mine that I'm excited to share with you guys and depending on who we're talking about. There's even a little true crime esque in there too. If you grew up in the US, you probably grew up with this image of the former presidents as these serious dignified insanely boring old men who never Had any fun in their lives and there's a reason. This is all the history books. Tell us because the truth is well, it's embarrassing for the country and almost too wild to believe the White House has been full of scandals, secrets drama, and even a little bit of true crime from the very beginning and the more you learn about what was really going on in the oval. Office. The more you'll have to wonder how did we make it this far? Welcome to very presidential apar-, cast original in this podcast, I'm going to be looking at fifteen presidents who'd be on the Mount Rushmore of bad behavior and today I'm starting off with one of the most beloved presidents in American history, John Fitzgerald Kennedy in less than three years JFK was involved in more scandals than most people can hope for in a lifetime he basically turned. The White House into the playboy mansion accidentally slept with not one. But two spies met with foreign leaders in a drug addled Hayes and nearly started a nuclear war because he wanted to look good in the press for decades. The public didn't have a clue about any of this. But the facts we have now call into question everything we thought we knew about the Kennedys. John F. Kennedy was a Rockstar at forty three years old. He was the youngest president ever elected and arguably the hottest every woman in America was swooning over his boyish good looks toss alled hair and casual self confidence, and even though the Kennedys are one of the richest families in America, he was seen as sort of an underdog. He was the first Catholic president ever elected, which was a big deal for Irish Catholic community more than anything Jack as his friends called him was a breath of fresh air. He was young energetic a family man his wife Jackie was already becoming a fashion icon. His brother Bobby was appointed as the new attorney general which let's say was a bit of A. Choice but love them or hate them. The Kennedys were America's new royalty. Of. Course though that image was carefully crafted. Even after his death, the Kennedy family went to extreme lengths to hide anything that might compromise Jack's reputation. And there was a lot. Let's start with that youthful vigor that was one of his main selling points just fifteen years before in nineteen forty-five FDR had in office after a long period of illness. So everyone was worried that the same thing might happen again, which is why throughout the nineteen sixty campaign jack insisted that he was in perfect health but this was a complete lie JFK's health problems are no longer a big secret today but most historians till Kinda, tend to skim over how serious they actually were and what he did to cope with them. It's literally a miracle that Jack was still alive to be president at age. Forty three I mean he'd been extremely deathly ill his entire life he'd actually been. So close to dying that he had his last rites administered on four separate occasions. He was eventually diagnosed with Colitis, which is this chronic disease of the large intestine and he also had Addison's disease which causes hormone deficiencies and as a side effect of the steroids that he had to take. He had back problems that caused him to be in constant pain. Now, none of this sounds too serious in terms of how it affects someone's decision making I mean sure it's distracting to be in pain all the time, but he was still mentally sound, right Well, he would have been but to deal with his pain Jack was taking basically every drug known to pharmacology I mean we're talking morphine sedatives, barbiturates, narcotics. He was even on four kinds of steroids daily including anabolic steroids, and that's the same kind athletes use for muscle building and they're known to cause paranoia mania an aggression after long term use. Essentially, if Jack had to take a drug test, he would have been fired from any government. Job and probably referred to a Rehab Center and yet here he was with his finger on the nuclear button making decisions that would affect the entire glow. Now, a lot of biographers insist that Jack's health problems and medications didn't have any effect on his leadership but psychiatrist Naseer Gami who review Jacks medical files said that claim was hard to accept biologically especially when you look at his behavior in office, which was an endless parade, a disasters. On Day three in the White House before he even had time to settle in Jack, got a visit from the CIA director. There was one little thing that needed the president's attention. The CIA had been training guerilla army to invade Cuba an overthrow the government. The US wasn't a fan of Cuba's Prime Minister Fidel Castro. He was a socialist and this was the Cold War but Jack Wasn't totally convinced that staging a coup was the best answer mostly because if anyone tied back to the US, it'd be a whole. International crisis but the CIA says don't worry about it. We're going to invade. Yes but it's not gonNA. Look like an invasion we've recruited over a thousand Cuban rebel fighters for the job. So we play our cards, right? No one had any idea that the US was ever involved. So Jack says, okay fine. Let's let's do it but just to be extra sure that it doesn't fall back on US US forces are not allowed to participate in the invasion at all in any way shape or form ever the end. But the fifteen hundred Cuban guerrillas send them on their own with no backup and let's just see what happens and of course, what happens is a complete disaster. When the invasion takes place on seventeenth grill fighters barely make it onto shore a hundred eighteen of them or killed over three hundred wounded, and the rest are all captured and not only does the Bay of Pigs invasion fail miserably but it's obvious that the US was behind it. The biggest consequence for Jack is that he kind of looks like a bumbling idiot both at home and abroad everyone's worst fears were conferred. Maybe JFK is just a pretty face and he's too young and too inexperienced to actually lead. The next night Jack. Is Meeting with a couple advisors in the oval. Office. When he suddenly breaks off mid-sentence and walks out into the Rose Garden he spends an hour just walking around silently by himself the next morning his press secretary finds him crying in his bedroom and then over the next few days he keeps muttering to himself how could I have been? So stupid of course, it might have had something to do with the FBI storage lockers worth of drugs that he was taking, and despite all the meds his underlying. Conditions were only.

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