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Nicos and ken barclay on you. Better you bet. Terrific tuesday with khasan barclay twenty minutes. From now nikki. Football makes an appearance to recap the weekend that was in the english premier league bedding notes. That are interesting there. And a couple games that zion for this weekend and the primarily speaking the third person. I'm vicky football games. That i'm looking for coming up for the weekend in the english primarily. I wanted to scale. These plays back but they were decent last weekend got split last weekend so i've got a number of them circled so we'll see scaling at all. We demand scaling. I just look at games. And i'm like i think i like some beds here and that's just that's just the way it is so if i like it. I'm going to bet it. So we'll talk about the english primarily this past weekend looking ahead to this weekend coming up in twenty minutes matt more action network talking nba next hour trista creek bed. Mgm tonight next hour. Still gonna talk joey. Knish still gonna talk off. James mazzola power our final hour lock misday to and the games can barkley has already bad for nfl week three. We'll get the. He's a slap in the second here but just final thoughts on the ravens. Lions in the niners packers in week number three. I'm with you on the ravens. Lions total. I think it over there makes a lotta sense. My only concern for the packers candidates game would be bully ball by the san francisco. Forty niners like what they did to the packers a couple of times two years ago. What they quite. Frankly did to the eagles this past sunday. They bullied philadelphia on sunday. Probably shouldn't have covered this bread but like they did have success playing that brand the football and it's worked in the past against green bay so just wanted to float those things out there. I know you ever note that we did not get to in the last segment. Niners packers game as well. Yeah they both. They both have a common opponent which is Like you just would never ever see that through three of the season that like like what if two teams played each other and they actually both played the same team. One played a minute week. One two and we have that with the lions in this game so we can argue about what you want to apply homefield advantage for and And and that that can be part of the discussion. So there's something a theory that's been bandied about is that there is no home field advantage anymore. If we do that that it's very very easy to see you. How value could lie in the packers in this game. So the niners at detroit but again no home field advantage of for using that theory Closed nine and a half of that game. So that was the difference between the niners and the lions and the packers and that monday night game closed eleven and a half at home against the lions. So if you apply no home field advantage again. Even if you're not doing like just straight number points just win probability everything about it we can. At least say the teams are pretty evenly rated packers. Maybe even read it a little bit better in those games now if you want to apply some home field. The margin between the teams gets closer. Obviously the niners played at detroit and detroit played at green bay so that would compress the difference. That would get you closer to the a number..

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