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Correspondent Kristen Holmes is at the White House this morning that we do know that the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been working with White House counsel they met on Thursday I just actually they agreed to work together they did not come up with a final impeachment strategy but they said they'd be working in close coordination president trump has been on Twitter this morning fourteen tweets so far North Korea today claimed it performed a test yesterday at its long range rocket launch site it's of the test will further strengthen its reliable strategic nuclear deterrent to New York City police officer shot and wounded a man who had an imitation firearm in the Bronx it happened early this morning it was reported to have pointed it at people fast Oprah charco is the N. Y. P. D. chief of patrol officers approached a male who was holding a weapon in his hand you offices or the suspect to show them his hands when he pointed the weapon it's always the offices two uniformed officers discharged their weapons striking the suspect in the torso police divers have returned to the waters around New Zealand's volcanic white island to search for the remaining two victims of an eruption that killed at least sixteen people and severely burned dozens six bodies were recovered from the island yesterday California's governor Gavin Newsom has rejected a bankruptcy reorganization plan put forth by the utility company Pacific gas and electric an agreement was reached last week between the company and thousands of wild fire victims that included a thirteen point five billion dollars settlement Newsome says it's not good enough buying Christopher Cruz Hey I'm Andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start.

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