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It definitely it affected me a little bit. You know it made me think a little bit more about you know my own safety protocol and in who I worked with because Tragic can happen so quickly. You know. It's it before you before you have a chance to analyze why it's happening or why it shouldn't have happened. It's over and so you always have to be really careful about who work with and and making sure that everyone's confidence and qualified to take part in air. It's it's just it's not inherently dangerous but it is something that requires a great deal of specialized skill. So that is a touching moving story on a lighter. Note the favourite place. You've ever been favourite place. Oh man photographer. That one's I. I am so fortunate to to be able to travel to so many great areas in the air which is even better but I would have to say probably my favorite place to shoot was New Zealand. I get a chance to go there a couple years ago The international aviation organisations meeting happened to be down there so We spent Ten days flying and shooting Several stories down in New Zealand and while I from an environmental standpoint it is just. I don't think that any photographer could create a more perfect environment than the New Zealand. It's just it's got mountains. It's got beaches. It's God's Voice Kino's and you know every type of texture environment color that you could ever imagine so for for us even doing like a forty five minute or an hour long flight You can get into like five. Six seven distinctive very distinctive backgrounds of that. Look like you know you know one minute. You're over something that looks like desert and the next minute you're flying over snowcapped mountains or or white sandy beaches. It's really really an amazing place to take photos. That sounds fantastic. Yeah and there's you know there's a lot of replaces even here in the United States. I mean Moab. Utah is one of my favorite You know even up into Like the northern parts of the eastern United States Maine All throughout New England is beautiful. Florida is a place that we shoot all the time So yeah there's there's a lot of really interesting places will very cool. I have one last question but before we get there. I did want to mention listeners. That WanNa look up your work. Your instagram account is clouds and camera. All one word. No underlines cloud clouds plural clouds end camera but there is not a website if you google. Chris rose photography. You wind up looking at the work of a UK photographer. Who is not you?.

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